DIY Lana Del Rey Flower Headband [Craft Post]

We found this awesome video on how to create a Lana Del Rey inspired floral headband. Lana has an awesome style that’s a mix of classic American sportswear, 1960s glamour, and a dash of hiphop. This floral headband probably isn’t something you can wear all the time, but it feels festive and maybe a great thing to spruce up your outfit come X-mas dinner.

You will need:
* Real flowers/fake flowers
* Wire (or headband/ribbon etc)
* Pliers (I spelt this wrong throughout the whole entire video, many apologies! Copious amount of annotations were needed to correct that one!)
* Tape Measure
* Floral Tape (optional)
* Glue Gun (optional)
* Gloves (optional)

[Image Via.]

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