Amber Rose Tweets Her Naked Baby Bump

Wiz Khalifa’s fiance Amber Rose is pregnant! Which isn’t necessarily news, she announced her pregnancy at the VMA’s in September and officially announced their engagement last March. However, it is now confirmed that the couple is expecting a baby boy! I, for one, was hoping it was a girl and then they could name it Liz Khalifa – however – yay for them nonetheless. She tweeted a picture of her baby bump and it’s a little scandalous.

I’m not a big fan of pregnant lady pictures, and this one is kind of just as weird. What do you think? Is this picture crossing a line? See the full-size image here!

Check out Amber Rose’s best pregnancy outfits. Girl did not change her style once which is a clear sign of a proud mother – no hiding that bump here!



    1. Maya says:

      In the caption she said she has shorts on you just cant see them over her big baby bump!

    2. Jess says:

      The same people who don't like this pic would think that Britney Spears or Demi Moore's naked pregnant magazine covers would be beautiful or tasteful.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        That might be true for some people, but I think all naked pregnant ladies are bizarre.

      2. Mike says:

        Isn't the race card played a little too much….using it as a cruch just makes you weak….now hurry back to your all black college where you get help from the united negro fund and watch BET Black Entertainment Television, sit upon your perch with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and blame the world that your color of skin is such a fucking deterent when instead you could actually do something for yourself and quit bitching

      3. Jess says:

        Actually Mike, I'm not nor have I ever been enrolled at an all black college. I am applying to transfer San Francisco State University. I will pay my own way with the money I earned in high school. I will be able to pay for my own housing and tuition. I do not watch BET and I really don't care for either of those two men. How do you even know that I'm African American? To be honest I'm pretty sure I'm doing more for myself than you ever could. Have a lovely day asshole!

      4. Narc184 says:

        The point is that your comparing her critics to those of two white women. Your are the racist person that thinks that way. The race card is has been played and is done and gone. People can have an opinion of someone of the opposite race without being racist Jess. I know it's a news flash but we can have an opinion.

    3. Sam says:

      Crossed what line? Have you watched television recently??

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Well, that was my question, because the interwebs seems to think it's not okay. I think all naked pregnant women pictures are bizzarre, I said so in the post, but people are calling this one scandalous, and I'm wondering what the CC readers think of it.

    4. Maria says:

      I think Amber should have hold the picture to herself, in private. Even Snooki didn't posted this and her belly is pretty visible on all of her pics, but not in a wrong way..

    5. Maria says:

      ^ I meant held on

    6. […] I personally love pregnancy pics, but this one may be crossing the line. What do you think? CHECK IT OUT HERE. […]

    7. shannon says:

      A Boy GREAT!!! because he will look like Amber instead of Wiz lol!

    8. katie says:

      snooki didnt have a cute round belly either she was already a lil chubby so her belly wouldnt have been cute for photos like this i think its cute

    9. @Lucybell622 says:

      yea, how do you know she is naked? all i can see is legs and a baby bump.. its not distasteful at all

    10. Dee says:

      I am 8 months pregnant and every time i take a picture from this angle, it looks the same as hers, And I know I have bottoms on so this means nothing to me. Its a pregnant belly not a play boy.

    11. Brittany says:

      Even if she ISN'T wearing shorts, this picture is NOT distasteful. It's not like it's highlighting anything except her baby bump. I think it's cute. It probably would have been better if she would have kept it for herself instead of tweeting it and making a controversy out of it.

    12. James says:

      Only in America can an ex stripper/prostitute make it into the main stream of celebrity news. It used to be that a woman would be ashamed that she was in such a desperate position in life where she would have to sell her body and oriface's just to get by. Hopefully after she pops this baby out of said orafice we can all get back to life without her.

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