Neiman Marcus For Target = Meh [Photos]

For us broke girls (college students, college grads, most Americans, etc.) Target is an exciting magical place. You walk in needing paper towels and leave having spent over $100 on drugstore makeup, shoes and cute salt and pepper shakers. When amazing designers contribute their work to Target like Mossimo, Anna Sui and Alexander McQueen it can get pretty exciting to snag a piece from those brilliant designers at an affordable price. This time around, Target has collaborated with 24 designers for their Neiman Marcus line and the result is disappointing. What am I supposed to do with an Oscar De La Renta dog bowl? None of the pieces are special and they’re pretty expensive for looking so generic and often cheap. Here are 13 of the most overpriced and under-designed items in the Neiman Marcus for Target collection.



    1. Ashley says:

      Real talk: I want the rag & bone flask…

    2. Polly says:

      I totally agree with you! Everyone else seemed so enthused with the collection, but I want something that I might actually get use out of instead of a three pack of freaking expensive ornaments! I feel like there were more things for little girls than for adults clothing wise which is so sad. I was def bummed.

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