The 12 Most Amazing Things Guys Do In Bed

Sometimes it’s clear that guys just don’t know what they’re doing. Guys can be pretty annoying when it comes to sex, in fact here are “The 10 Most Annoying Things Guys Do in Bed.” That being said, we thought we’d send a little praise to our male counterparts today and come up with the things they do that make our toes curl. Whether it’s a little lip biting, or just being able to hang out sans-pants we’re giving out one giant “Let’s Hear It For The Boys!” for our favorite guys and the 12 best things they do in bed.

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    3. hira says:

      I love when my BF bites my lower lips.

      1. imawsome says:

        me too

    4. Control your thoughts. Tell yourself that you are going to master this and take charge of your sexuality. Think of it as an athletic event or a practice you can master. This will require dedication and focus.

    5. Ejaculation says:

      Asking your partner to give you a full body massage and experience the feeling of tension being released as she touches various intimate parts of your body. Managing the discomfort with being touched in the intimate parts has helped many improve their body image and improve their state of anxiety during the sexual activity.

    6. WILLIAM MAJORIE says:

      women, like evereybody else, have a special need to be recognized as critical players in any social engagements that benefit both men and women. Why not let your womann dictate,within the framework of love and respect, when, where, how to go about the act of sexual intercourse? It is equally important for her to be told that she was wonderful, after an act rather than turn away and start snoring hard.You tell her even via a text msg if you happen not to meet over mid day meal.

    7. How pleasurable your sexual technique will be for you and your partner is highly dependent on the emotional connection you share, the level of respect that is showed to one another, intimacy, the quality of your relationship, how you interact and resolve conflict, consideration of one another, the chemistry you share and the sensitivity to your partners needs and feelings you exhibit.

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    9. kenosi says:

      I think man should get that love making its not just about them only, and they should know that it is imotional to us weman and that it is hard to enjoy if your fellings are takes time and efort for us weman to get into a place where you really are into reaching climax.

    10. cure_pe says:

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    11. Patricia says:

      Like when my guy kiss me.

    12. Little red says:

      Great article 😊

    13. ray jay says:

      What a wonderful feeling when women want sex because we know how to make them satisfy in bed the way they like it.

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