Win an “Anna Karenina” Prize Pack! [Giveaway]

If you’re like me, you didn’t exactly read all the required novels in high school English…it was more like a skimming of the major plot points. Sometimes that skimming was of Cliff’s Notes instead of the proper text itself. Whatever. It happens.

When I first saw the trailer for Anna Karenina — starring Jude Law, Keira Knightely and a lot of really fierce looking fur accessories — I was a little sad I had never technically read the book back in 10th grade. Well, here’s a fun surprise for you! Now YOU have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Leo Tolstoy’s classic tale.

Anna Karenina is acclaimed director Joe Wright’s bold, theatrical new vision of the epic story of love, stirringly adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s great novel by Academy Award winner Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love). The film marks the third collaboration of the director with Academy Award-nominated actress Keira Knightley and Academy Award-nominated producers Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Paul Webster, following their award-winning box office successes Pride & Prejudice and Atonement.

Focus Features wants to give you the opportunity to win the following:

-$50 Cash card for a night at the movies with your friends

-A copy of the novel Anna Karenina

-A copy of the Anna Karenina official soundtrack

Atonement and Pride & Prejudice on DVD

Anna Karenina Votivo Candle with Bookmark

To enter, leave a comment telling us who your dream date to Anna Karenina would be. Would you take your mom, your BFF, Brad Pitt? Sound off below and we’ll pick a winner on Friday, December 7th!


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    1. Heike says:

      I would take my moM!

    2. Kesha says:

      I would take myself, because I owe it to myself for finishing a book and then seeing the marvel that is my imagination coming alive on screen. Well, that, and I'm trying to accept myself and stuff😛

      If it's really dependent on someone else, then probably my BFF because we'd probably end up comparing details and laughing at the most inappropriate parts.

    3. Kayla says:

      I'd probably take two of my friends, we used to go to the movies together all the time and it'd be nice to do that again.

    4. Rachel says:

      My dream date to Anna Karenina would be my dad! Whenever I come home from college for winter break, my dad and I have a tradition of going to see a movie together. He is a huge lover of books and always encouraged me to read the classics, and I can't wait to see the movie with him when I'm done with finals later this month!

    5. Christel says:

      My husband of course, because he is a hottie and we always have a great time together.

    6. Jeanie Ray says:

      I would take my hubby! Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie of all time! I love Kiera Knightly and that Matthew MacFadyen is in this makes it even more special!! Ps. I loved Atonement too!!!

    7. Ashley says:

      My dream date would be my mom. Why? Because not only would she appreciate the costumes and hot men, but she's getting her Master's and works full time- she deserves an indulgent night of Jude Law in period costumes.

    8. vandango33 says:

      My dream date would be to take my husband with me!

    9. Vicki says:

      I would take my sister. We are love to see books that are made into movies, as well as historical dramas, and are eager to see this movie!

    10. Elsbeth von Thurn says:

      I'd take my mom – she's been talking about this movie non-stop since she first saw the trailer!!

    11. Jess V says:

      I would definitely bring my friend John.
      The book is a very important part of our friendship since it’s what caused John to be my friend (since he tutored me and helped me get an A on the follow up essay!)
      It’s going to be another great memory for both of us to see Anna Karenina together!

    12. Maria says:

      I would take my bff of course! She loves Pride and Prejudice and would probably adore Anna Karenina also.

    13. Rachael H. says:

      my husband always! he is my forever movie partner. we (no exaggeration) go to the movies every Tuesday night.:)

    14. Monica says:

      This movie looks amazing! I saw a the trailer for it while watching pitch perfect and couldn't wait to hear more about it (before promptly forgetting!). I would have to take at least 2 of my friends, we just rekindled our friendship after some silly little argument. I couldn't not be friends with these two for the world!

    15. Dee says:

      My dream date to Anna Karenina would be my mom. She's such a historical romance buff and she relishes grand, sweeping love stories with loads of drama. I would love to see her reaction to the film!

    16. bookwormsammi says:

      I would take my mum! We love our mother/daughter time. I would take her to see Anna Karenina & then out for a nice dinner, the perfect night.

    17. I'd take my best friend Sarah!

    18. mycosyco says:

      My husband will always be my dream date.

    19. mia says:

      I would take my sister. We always do fun things together!

    20. calidreamin87 says:

      I would totally take my mom!:)

    21. Margaret says:

      i would take Tolstoy himself to see what he thinks of the film… Too bad that can't happen.

    22. Yana says:

      Definitely my mom and my best friend, all three of us cant wait for the movie!

    23. Abby Crane says:

      My dream date to see "Anna Karenina" would be any one that has a english accent I love the way thay talk:}

    24. Ashley H. says:

      I would like to take my mom with me when ever we see a movie like this we get dressed up in nice old looking dresses and go out to eat after.

    25. Molly Blunt says:

      If I could go on a date with any one to see anna karenina it would be my grandma because she loves these kinds of movies but she hasnt seen a movie in years because she in a nuseing home but maybe she can see it when its on dvd.

    26. Ronald Oliver says:

      If I could, I would love to have been able to take my mom. But sadly she had passed away 15 years ago.😦 But I know that she would have truly enjoyed Anna Karenina. This is for you mom…I love you and miss you very much.

    27. MjWhitney says:

      I would take my best friend, Karin.😀 We love to hang out and watch movies (especially Atonement!!!) We even used to go to movie premieres and wait outside to see our favorite actors! (JUDE LAW!) But sadly, now we live on opposite ends of the ocean. One in Canada and one in Sweden…

    28. Heather S says:

      I'd take my sister!

    29. Mary says:

      If I Could take any one to see "Anna Karenina" it would be Aron Johnson because hes in the movie and hes been in alot of other great movies:}

    30. Abby Coppola says:

      I would take my sister because she loves the movie "Atonement" and I would love to have this prize pack.

    31. Emily says:

      I would love to take my best friend Amy but she lives in England now and I wont get to see her untill the summer.I its out in England then.

    32. Beth says:

      I would go with my mom shes seen this movie three times allredy so I want to see why see likes this movie so munch.

    33. patty Hugs says:

      If I could take any one to see this movie it would be my self because ive been waiting to see this movie>>>>

    34. Kaylin says:

      I would take my boyfriend, Wade, out for a date night because he loves Keira Knightley just as much as I do! And I think it'd be a wonderful movie.

    35. Julie says:

      I've been away at college for the past few months and miss home so much. I would definitely take my mom with me!

    36. Linda says:

      I would drag my boyfriend with me!

    37. Stephen Nettles says:

      My cousin

    38. Donna says:

      I'd take my daughter with me. We read the book together years ago and are eager to see it!

    39. Marie Raye says:

      I would take my sister!

    40. Ann says:

      Oh man I really want to see Anna Karenina with my BF!

    41. Leigh says:

      I haven't spent much time with my brother so either him or my boyfriend.

    42. Kay says:

      I'd take my best friend Kaitlyn!

    43. Amy Z. says:

      I'd take my sister!

    44. Sert says:

      I'd probably bring my best friend with me

    45. Lindsey says:

      Definitely my sister!

    46. Miah says:

      My neighbors who is also my best friend

    47. Amy says:

      My roommate

    48. Lily says:

      Anna Karenina is one of my all time favorite novels. I would definitely be taking my mum with me!

    49. Michelle says:

      If Jude Law could accompany to his own movie that would be the coolest but if not I'd take my sister

    50. AnnaLee says:

      I woul dbe taking my fiancee

    51. Jamies says:

      My sister❤

    52. Bailey says:

      My mom!

    53. Sara says:

      I'd take my sister!

    54. Leila says:

      Anna Karenina was such an amazing novel. My guy friend really liked the novel as well so I'd invite him to come with me.

    55. Lucy says:

      So excited to see how Keira portrays the role of Anna. My boyfriend would be my guest!

    56. My dream date to Anna Karenina would be Shemar Moore. I've had a crush on him for years and I already have my significant other's permission!

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