Jennifer Lawrence is Sexy and Sultry [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]

I feel like I should care more about Jennifer Lawrence, and I just…can’t. I’ve never had any interest in any of her movies (though her most recent Oscar bait, Silver Linings Playbook, looks intriguing). However, I do think she’s really pretty, and I like her sense of style. It’s really simple and timeless – she’s into basic pieces that are versatile and timeless, without being totally dull.


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I love this outfit that she wore last week to an event. It’s so sexy without being overtly so. I love simple white blouses – they are the epitome of dynamic. Paired with a sexy lace skirt, you have an outfit that’s kind of evocative of a sexy businesswoman, an aesthetic that I love. Jennifer’s shoe choice kind of puzzles me, but going with a taupe-ish booties is definitely less predictable than black booties or pumps, so I can appreciate her stepping out of the box a little. A classic black tote completes the whole look, and you have an outfit that’s perfect for a classy night out.

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    2. Thomas says:

      I like this outfit too. I would love to see my girlfriend in it but the problem is, most of the clothes that celebrities use are too expensive. Do you know of any shop or store that would sell similar looking pieces without being overly expensive? I love my girlfriend but the price of the clothes that the celebrities use doesn't fit my budget.

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