10 Horribly Offensive Party Themes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Sometimes themed parties are really fun. Sometimes they are horribly racist and awful. The Chi O chapter at Penn State went to a party dressed as Mexicans. Complete with fake sombreros and panchos, which is, like, a little racist if you ask me. Then they added fake mustaches and signs that say things like, “I don’t mow grass, I smoke it.” So yeah. Thankfully Penn State is taking action, I just wish that school would stay out of the media. Whoever thought having a Mexican themed party was seriously disturbed.

And here are 10 other theme parties you should absolutely not have. Like we are in no way advocating this. THESE ARE BAD IDEAS. BAD.

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    1. Laura says:

      Ok I get that some of the themes are bad (the Nazi one, the Asian one, and the Native American one)… But the other ones really aren't that bad and you're taking way too much offense towards them.
      Like seriously, the Mafia one….?

    2. Deb says:

      Ugh, I hate how PSU just attracts attention, but this list and post is ridiculous. I'm willing to bet that Mexican themed parties happen at every campus in the country (hello, Cinco de Mayo?) I don't think wearing a sombreo and a fake moustache qualifies as racist, however, the signs were distasteful. People are making this a bigger deal than it actually has to be.

    3. Stephanie says:

      I'm willing to bet most colleges have a cowboys and indians party. I don't think that should be taken offense to at all. Some of these are bad such as the Nazi themed one and the prostitute one, but I don't think the Mexican, Native American, or Mafia themes are offensive or racist at all. It can be fun to dress up like Pocahontas or a tough mafia girl, and just like Deb said, people have Cinco de Mayo parties at college.

    4. Peter says:

      I agree, the Mafia theme? Cmon now, there's much worse than that you could've chosen haha

    5. Mark says:

      Most of them I agree. But Some of them aren't really bad theme though.

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