The Evolution Of Hilary Duff [Photos]

Hilary Duff A.K.A. Lizzie McGuire A.K.A. Why Not Take A Crazy Chance A.K.A. The Girl Who Had Threesome With Dan And Vanessa has been one of the few child stars in Hollywood to grow from tween to teen to mother without suffering tabloid shame. She is appropriately private and mundanely normal (in a good way). She keeps her business to herself makes music when she wants, acts when she wants and has a private life. What’s most interesting – and I feel weird for pointing it but I will because I think it’s important – is that her size has fluctuated over the past decade and it hasn’t been a source of shame or scrutiny with her. Her body changes the way anyone’s would and it hasn’t been a big deal. She seems comfortable in all of her shapes and generally healthy. That’s a pretty difficult thing to accomplish being in Hollywood for so long and starting so young. Props to Duff Stuff.

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