That Time Celebrities Gave Us Life Advice [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

Normally, I’m not one to listen to ┬ácelebrities for advice. You always hear the generic quotes they make in magazine and interviews and think, easy for you to say, you’re a a celeb. But I came across these YouTube series Ask a Grown Man by Rookie Magazine and Ask Amy by Amy Poehler, in which various celebrities give young girls advice. These videos seem more genuine than anything I’ve read in a magazine. The videos are targeted towards younger girls but I think a lot of the advice can be applied to relationships at any age. Here are some of my favorites…

Ask a Grown Man with Paul Rudd

Ask Amy – Decisions

Ask a Grown Man with BJ Novak

Ask Amy – Bodies

Ask a Grown Man with Jon Hamm

Ask Amy – Stress

Ask a Grown Man with Judd Apatow

Ask Amy – Anxieties



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