Everyday’s a Sunday Funday with S4P [Giveaway]

You know what everyone loves? Hoodies. They are nice and warm and perfect. You know what else everyone loves? Drinking on a Sunday. A “Sunday Funday” if you will. How would you like both wrapped up into one? I know right! Almost too good to be true! Here’s a chance to win a “Sunday Funday” hoodie from our best guys at Sorry For Partying! Woo. Here’s what s4p has to say about their marvelous hoodies…

What’s better than a stiff mimosa or Bloody Mary? A Sunday Funday hoodie to go with it! Our friends Sorry For Partying and are giving away free hoodies to help make Sunday is the new Thursday. LIKE them on Facebook¬†and Follow them on Twitter (@Thes4P).

To enter, leave us a comment here telling us your best tip for recovering from an epic Sunday Funday! CONTEST CLOSED



    1. Jenny says:

      stay drunk, eat some chipotle, then ptfo

    2. Amanda says:

      keep drinking & you will never be hung-over =)

    3. Austin Bloom says:

      Start it off with brunch…and more brunch. Usually my friends and I roll into a nice restaurant, usually looking like we just rolled out of bed (but hey we at least try to change out of our clothes from the night before!), order lots of mimosas, manmosas, and bloody marys, and stuff our faces with french toast and bacon. Then, I usually watch too much tv, do some online shopping (and if I'm feeling okay then some in-store shopping…but not likely), and don't do the work I've been saying I would do Sunday. Eventually, when I stop feeling terrible, my friends and I get together sunday night for Sunday Funday shenanigans and end up at a "restaurant turned bar" on sunday nights. Leaves me feeling pretty terrible on Monday, but come on….it's Sunday Funday!

    4. Julie says:

      Mine is to not attempt to do any work and just sleep

    5. Donna says:

      Hang out with friends and sleep it off

    6. Linda says:

      If you're going to party hard then you better go all out. As for the next day, you can either party harder or just sleep

    7. Victoria says:

      Sleep it off and drink a lot of gatorade

    8. lots of sleep, lots of water, and Motrin.

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