The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Movies on TV

Do you roll your eyes when your best friend talks about her exotic vacation destination this winter break? Hate the way the cold air outside turns your face bright red? Does a date night with you and your sofa sound like a match made in heaven?

Well here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, my fellow anti-socialites! For those of you who plan to veg out this holiday season, we’ve got a complete guide to the holiday TV programming schedule so that you can celebrate the season while exerting as little effort as possible. It’s got Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows as well as the classic holiday films you’ve been looking forward to, plus a peek at the New Year’s celebrations. Celebuzz has the Holiday 2012 TV Guide here, including a gallery of some favorites we’re looking forward to and a full schedule for each day’s specials (for those of you might only be tuning in a few days over this break).
‘Tis the season to be quoting Elf. Enjoy everyone!

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