3 Cute Going Out Outfits That’ll Keep You Warm!

Has anyone else noticed how freezing¬†it’s become recently? Not to bore everyone by talking about the weather, but it’s a serious concern, especially when making wardrobe decisions. During chilly winter days, I just tend to fall into the routine of pants, top, massive coat and then be done with it, but for nights out you’ve got to put a little more thought in.¬†Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean your style standards have to follow suit. You can still look cute while avoiding frostbite simply with some smart dressing and the addition of cozy layers, which will allow you to look stylish for drinks with the girls without shivering all night.

Here are 3 outfit ideas that are pretty and warm enough to convince you to go out tonight, instead of spending another night snuggled in blankets with a mug of hot chocolate and a netflix queue of parks and recreation.

Which outfit is your favorite? What are your go-to wardrobe picks for going out in the colder weather? Leave a comment below!

[Lead image via Konstantin Sutyagin/Shutterstock]



    1. jjh says:

      "Warm"…hahaha not where I live!!

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        haha I was definitely expecting this! Obviously if you're living in colder climates throw a big coat on top, I always do because I live in North England where it's pretty cold right now. These outfits are more for once you're inside the bar or club, it goes without saying that you might have to add a coat on the walk there!

    2. Ranae Autry says:

      I’ve bookmarked this because I found it interesting. I would be very interested to hear more news on this. Thanks!

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