Hear Yoko Ono’s GLORIOUS Rendition of Katy Perry’s “Firework”

Yoko Ono sure knows how to steal the spotlight! Yoko covered Katy Perry’s famous song “Firework” with impeccable talent. I am amazed the power with which a woman her age is able to capture her audience and leave her fans clamoring for more. It’s not everyday you come across singers with such a strong voice.

Best cover ever, or best cover ever?



  1. Ariel says:

    were you joking when you said "best cover ever? " … i hope so lol

  2. theshlaay says:

    Speechless. Best thing I’ve seen all year/ever.

  3. I think she should just go somewhere and be quiet.

  4. Cant wait to get started. Just found your site. First , I want to make a party for my grandaughters housewarming about 30 people.,and wondered if you have any suggestions for a menu. not to difficult but really funky..thankyou.

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