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Hunger Games-Style Reality Series On CW?

The CW has picked up a new reality series based off the Hunger Games. I know, I know – sigh. The show will feature 12 teams of two who will be dropped into the wilderness without any food or shelter.

They’ll have to use their wits and survival skins to capture (not kill) each other. Wasn’t the whole point of the Hunger Games to comment on the nature of television and reality television. How we sensationalize violence and degradation for entertainment? How we’re a culture that exploits children for a few thrills? Oh wells. No irony here, people. Move along, ain’t nothin’ to see. The show is called “The Hunt” but presumably no one will actually be harmed.

As someone who is totally obsessed with Survivor, even after 20+ seasons, I’ll have to tune into this one. Will you be watching?

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