Megan Fox’s Drastic Face Change Throughout The Years

Sex pot actress Megan Fox debuted her new look at the This Is 40 premiere. Let me just say, she still looks flawless. While she’s said she’s trying a more “mature” look since she’s had children (AND YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL) she still looks as gorgeous as ever. But who’s that cute girl in the first picture in the gallery? Megan Fox! She looks so different now. CC bets that she’s definitely had some work done. And she can try and stifle that wild side all she wants, but she’s not fooling me.

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    1. Cass says:

      She was a teenager in the first picture. The only difference is she grew in her eyebrows, different makeup and the only surgery would be a nose job. So besides the nose job (which everyone in Hollywood has had) her face is the face she was born with. Does your face still look like it did when you were 16?

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Actually, yeah I pretty much haven't changed my face since about 10, but that's a different story, ahah. I mean it could just be growing up, but I think the first picture is unrecognizable.

    2. keith133 says:

      this yearbook photo is from even earlier she looks the same as she does now

    3. dave says:

      She only looks older. She's lost a lot of weight and she doesn't smile anymore.. she just pouts which makes her look totally different.

    4. Bee says:

      Nose job and weight lose is about it.

    5. anonynous mama says:

      I wonder if she had her chin and jaw thinned down. Lipo or something… Her cheekbones are so prominent now. I think it's more than weight loss. If you lose weight in your face you lose it in your cheeks, too. Maybe she had a little cheek implant like Madonna?

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