The 11 Qualities of the Perfect Woman

Men’s Health released a study where they surveyed men about what they find attractive in a woman and ┬ácame up with the top 11 qualities in the “perfect woman.” You can read those here, if you want – it’s pretty offensive. It says that men want a woman who laughs at their jokes when they aren’t funny, doesn’t make more money than them, has tiny feet and big boobs (obviously). Supposedly they are also really into brunettes because they look more approachable, so that’s nice for me . . . I guess. But I’m like, eff that, I don’t really want any of those qualities. I want to be smart, and sassy and always just look like the most flawless version of myself.

Here are the 11 qualities that I think make the “perfect” woman.



    1. Brittany says:

      I love your list but I'm not sure I'd condemn the list of things men want in a woman. It's not like they listed off qualities absentmindedly. They were shown pictures with subtle differences in different studies and asked their opinions. I don't think they can help what they find attractive and condemning them for doing so is a bit rash. The study also mentioned that men prefer women with careers, who are smart and smile – are those really bad things to like in someone?

    2. joy says:

      yes, i do agree with brittany.

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