17 Reasons Taylor Swift is Better Than You

Taylor Swift turns 23 today! You’re not alone if her age surprises you. Most 23-year-olds are graduating college, getting Big Girl Jobs, and have pretty much completely abandoned their childhood diaries. She does not seem 23. But lo and behold, TSwift has managed to remain somewhat childlike like a mystical unicorn. And let’s be honest, while she might not have the best track record with men, she would totally make an awesome BFF.

She writes about all of our lives, whether or not we’d like to admit it – we’ve been singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” for months now. Sure we say we like the song “ironically” but could it be that homegirl just writes catchy and relate able songs? She’s a soul reader and us 20-something girls grew up with her. We were feeling her feels at fifteen, when Abigal gave up her v-card to a guy who was just looking to get some. We hit 20 with “Dear John” when we thought we knew what we were getting into. And now? We’re “feeling 22” just like TSwift.

I mean come on. She’s like the voice of our generation. Here are 17 reasons why she’s pretty much better than you.

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    1. Reblogged this on The Volta and commented:
      My not-even-guilty pleasure😀

    2. a5303695 says:

      I’ve said that least 5303695 times. SKC was here…

    3. Sara J. says:

      This article was hilarious hahaha

    4. anon says:

      Bullshit list…

    5. Sima Agayeva says:

      "It's like she never left high school". Well, you're right about that one! A 23 year old stuck in a high school student's body.

    6. Kathryn says:

      she's better than me because she serial dates rich guys & then writes superficial sappy bullshit songs about consistently failing at these relationships? again. & again. & again. & wait-she's a role model because she hides the fact that she has sex with people, because having sex as a 20-something is bad & shameful & should obviously be hidden? sorry, i would even pick Kanye over her as "the voice of our generation."
      just no. go home. unwrite this article & think very, very deeply before you make another list.

    7. Rebecca says:

      Good list, but one reason that I'm better than her: I don't use men and relationships to define who I am. Yay!

    8. Michael says:

      Except her body isn't a wonderland? While she is attractive, pseudo flat-chested girls don't really do it for me. Not that I wouldn't accept it if I really cared for a girl, but if I had a choice…Taylor wouldn't be it (actually, I think I'd go for Emma Watson because she's so darn cute even if she lacks curves). Plus, I didn't know all these A-list guys she's dated. Maybe she isn't a slut….but it doesn't sound like she wants a lasting relationship. We call those girls "attention wh*res".

    9. Muffy says:

      Pretty funny article. I liked it. I like her, but I hope her next album mixes it up a little bit.

    10. kofybean says:

      She hasn't been arrested, and can play the guitar? The bar is literally on the floor. So depressing that people can get accolades (even as a joke) for such things.

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