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The Best of “My Drunk Kitchen” [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

I’m a college girl struggling to learn how to cook. I often find myself too lazy to do anything elaborate, so I end up eating spaghetti for the millionth time in a row. But after watching Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen videos on YouTube, I learned that cooking doesn’t have to be a stressful experience nor does it have to be done sober. Here are some of her best videos!

My Drunk Kitchen:Butter Yo Sh**

My Drunk Kitchen: Brunch?

My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza

My Drunk Kitchen: Baked Corn Dogs

My Drunk Kitchen: Nachos!

My Drunk Kitchen: Tacos

My Drunk Kitchen: Ice Cream? Someday…

My Drunk Kitchen: America Day Pie Cakes

My Drunk Kitchen: Latkes!

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