Do You Shave In The Winter? Plus Super Awesome Giveaway [CC Beauty Live]

Shaving is one of those beauty tasks that is actually a chore, right? It’s not fun and can cause a lot of issues like nicks, razor burn, ingrowns, and more. But we like to be silky and smooth, and more often than not I’m shaving because I want to and not for a dude. I think it’s been habit for so long now that when I don’t shave I’m like UGH GROSS I HATE MYSELF.

Also, I’ve spent the majority of my life being allergic to shaving cream, although it’s gotten better in the past few years as formulas have been improved. I was approached to try Pure Silk and was a little hesitant because of my  sensitive skin. I decided to give it a go since Pure Silk is supposed to be one of the best shaving creams on the market, and they have a special one for sensitive skin! 

This week I’ve got some shaving tips, info on Pure Silk, and drumroll please….

ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF PURE SILK to 2 very lucky viewers! Make sure you watch the video all the way through to find out how to enter!

On my face: Bobbi Brown BB Cream, MAC StudioFix in C3, Benefit Benetint blush, marc. Lash All You Want mascara

In my hair: Bed Head Sugar Shock, Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray, Rusk w8less Hairspray

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    1. I LOVE Pure Silk! That is the only shaving cream I buy! I just bought the Cherry Blossom scent, but haven't used it yet! Glad to know it smells good:)

      I do still shave during the winter. I live in East Texas so we typically don't have really cold winters and there have been times it was warm enough to wear shorts on Christmas day. When is does get cold for a week or so, I definitely don't shave as often, but I'm also single right now, haha. When I do have a boyfriend, I keep my legs pretty smooth.

      I already do all the tips you mentioned in the video, but there is one that I think helps a lot. Unless I woke up late, and am in a really big rush, I take my time shaving. My strokes are even and kind of slow. I always hate when I miss that ONE spot and you realize it halfway through the day and it drives you nuts until you can get home and fix it. I find that by taking your time you get a more smooth shave and less chance of a missed spot.

    2. Brie says:

      I only shave when I'm going to the gym in crops or shorts. Too much of a hassle otherwise!

    3. maggie says:

      I usually still shave in the winter cause i live in Florida so I still wear shorts lol. I do like winter though because you can slack off on shaving a little bit thanks to skinny jeans ^_^

    4. Margo says:

      I only shave if I'm going to wear a skirt or dress but it's not very often

    5. Ashley says:

      I still shave in the winter, but I don’t shave as often. I definitely use lotion after shaving, and I think that is even more important to do during the winter when the air is so dry. Thanks for the great review of Pure Silk!

    6. Heike says:

      I don't shave in the winter because who sees it? Haha but it just takes too long!

    7. Maddie says:

      In the winter, I used to only shave every other day but having a boyfriend keeps me shaving almost every day haha. When I run out of shaving cream, conditioner works almost as well!

    8. Carly Amber says:

      Where I live we have snow for a good 5-6 months of the year and I definitely slack off during those months, shaving maybe once a week. I'm lucky enough that my hair is relatively thin so my hair isn't prickly for too long but nothing beats that smooth, just-shaved feeling!

    9. Vicki says:

      I do shave during the winter, mostly just out of habit, but when it's cold out I do put lotion on after so they don't get all dried out. Another reason that I still still it during the winter is because I wear shorts for working out, and I hate having hairy legs. Blech.

    10. justcallme hairy says:

      I have a boyfriend and shave much less now that I do. If he can deal with other things while living with me he can deal with my lack of smooth legs sometimes, especially during the winter when I have no time for it and no one will really see. I love the smooth leg feeling but it is just too much of a hassle when I am sitting in the lib 14 hours a day.

    11. arizonapenguin says:

      I shave during the winter, since I live in southern Arizona and it's usually pretty warm. I also have the darkest leg hair ever, so it's really hard to hide if I wear a pair of ripped jeans or a skirt with boots, haha.

      When I'm low on shaving cream/cash, I use hair conditioner (nothing expensive, obviously) as a substitute and it's great because it protects your legs and moisturizes your skin.

    12. usman hashmi says:

      Like your Blog well maintain …Hav a Nice Day.

    13. Kali says:

      i definitely shave during the winter. i shave because i just feel weird if i don't. plus the feeling of freshly shaved legs against sheets is the absolute best.

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    15. Kayla says:

      I sometimes shave in the winter, mainly I just find that I don't have time. I think about it all the time, of how I need to but then I get out of the shower and I forget. Pure Silk is a great shaving cream, but I buy cheap conditioner at the dollar store sometimes when I don't want to use shaving cream because of the prices. Conditioner also lasts longer and still hydrates your legs!

    16. Margot says:

      i shave in the winter, but only because it's necessary: i'm doing sports at school and usual we go swimming ( in the witer) , so i have to shave (because there are al lot of boys in my class:) but i also shave because i have a boyfriend.
      Btw thanks for al the tips : i didn't knew a lot until you said it in this video, so i'm very thankful !!

    17. noshavesupporter says:

      I don't shave skin that's going to be covered during winter, which is mostly my legs. Armpits, only if they're going to be out. I don't want to waste shaving cream for nothing lol. Plus my skin is really sensitive, so I try to shave only when neccessary like if my boyfriend is coming over or its hot outside. Other than that, au natural lol. Judge me.

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