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The 8 Most Awkward Moments That Can Happen During Sex

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It was a few weeks back when I was sitting on the floor of my living room surrounded by my other three roommates (hey ladies) when one of them pulled up a picture on Pinterest. It was a hoodie and all it said was “Hi. I’m awkward.” My roommate yells, “Molly this totally reminds me of you!” and the other three agreed. I am #awkward.

Being awkward is a blessing and a curse, it’s a blessing because I can always turn my awkwardness into a joke. It’s a curse because of the sex reasons. Someone with flailing limbs and awkward noises does not a porn star make. Here are the 8 most awkward things that happen during sex. Some of these are awkward in a good way, some of them just suck, but either way if you can laugh with your casual-sex-sex-partner or significant other it will only bring you closer together. Bring on the farts?

[Thumbnail image via altafulla/Shutterstock]

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