The 8 Most Awkward Moments That Can Happen During Sex

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It was a few weeks back when I was sitting on the floor of my living room surrounded by my other three roommates (hey ladies) when one of them pulled up a picture on Pinterest. It was a hoodie and all it said was “Hi. I’m awkward.” My roommate yells, “Molly this totally reminds me of you!” and the other three agreed. I am #awkward.

Being awkward is a blessing and a curse, it’s a blessing because I can always turn my awkwardness into a joke. It’s a curse because of the sex reasons. Someone with flailing limbs and awkward noises does not a porn star make. Here are the 8 most awkward things that happen during sex. Some of these are awkward in a good way, some of them just suck, but either way if you can laugh with your casual-sex-sex-partner or significant other it will only bring you closer together. Bring on the farts?

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    1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      Haha Molly, please file this under "Reasons I Love You."

      Also, awkward: the after-effect. Do you snuggle? Do you leave? Pillow talk? I high-fived a dude this weekend. It's important to know that you have options.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        I usually like slowly put on my pants, and then when hes like, "Oh stay you sex kitten, you," that's when I stay.

        High-fiving is clearly the best option in any and all circumstances. You're so correct. Options are important.

    2. The fact that you referenced Friends says so much about you. Yay for all of us awkward weirdos out there!

    3. […] •Remember that one time you were having sex and it got superrrr quiet and you were like, “shit, this is awkward?” Well there’s something more awkward than that. (College Candy) […]

    4. trampstudent says:

      So glad this stuff is a universal thing!

    5. If you tell your partner to slow down etc. when she’s doing something very arousing so you can delay ejaculation rather than going with the flow (excuse the pun!) you can make the fun last longer.

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