13 of the Craziest Leaked Celebrity Nude Pics [Gallery]

There are tales on tales on tales of celebrities stripping down to their skivvies and taking pictures on their phones. Then, time after time again these pictures are leaked via Twitter or other forms of media. It’s like a celebrity fairy tale – as old as time. For all of us normal people, it’s kind of amusing to see which pictures leak. We spent hours awkwardly scouring the interwebs for the best nakey photos of celebs we could find for your holiday enjoyment. See below.

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    1. Astrid Verdugo says:

      Reblogged this on Juvenescence and commented:
      Celebrities and their birthday suits.

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    3. hCG says:

      Yaiks! Glad you put on those hearts!

      1. Tom says:

        Me too. I would have been scarred for life if I saw a nipple.

    4. Juggalohomie says:

      Ya’ll should remove the hearts, 4 real it says nude not artclass

    5. @JulianSan1 says:

      The Katy Perry one made me laugh.

    6. rocky says:

      Boo. Weak.

    7. rocky 15 says:

      same old bs not worth the ink—-stink

    8. Anthony says:

      But I haven't even ever heard of 90% of these "celebrities"

    9. Big Bob says:

      Katy Perry wasn't even showing anything

    10. Ranger Dan says:

      The only ones showing anything, I've never heard of.

    11. mateo says:

      You are being very liberal with the term celebrity. And i'm not trying to be mean, but I didn't realize Lady Gaga looked like that…..ick

    12. albert says:

      Have to admit, I don't know many of these people. Are they "celebrities" just because they are naked?

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Haley Williams – lead singer of Paramore.
        Allison Pill is an actress, most recently seen on The Newsroom
        Ashley Greene – Actress from Twilight
        Kat Dennings – 2 Broke Girls, 40 Year Old Virgin etc.
        Oliva Munn – Actress – The New Girl, Iron Man 2, The Newsroom
        Heather Morris – Glee

    13. logan5 says:

      Umm….who the heck were those chicks? I only recognized one or two names.

    14. Marisol says:

      coco is breastfeeding, you idiots. nudes. give me a fucking break.

      1. …that wasn't her child.

      2. Jason says:

        That's not her kid and there's no milk in those boobs just saline …moron!

      3. Spooderman says:

        Yeah, breastfeeding completely naked. Sounds legit.

    15. I thought this was going to show more skin, verry disappointing.

    16. Nora says:

      What could CoCo posssibly be feeding that poor child…..Silicone!

    17. Male Escorts says:

      no way even chris brown no wayyyyy

    18. Bootsaknockin says:

      In this group, Munn is a stunner among wildebeasts and circus freaks.

      Everytime I see a pic of Gaga without makeup, I understand why she usually wears a ton of it along with her clown outfits. Hideous.

    19. bianca says:

      Olivia Munn is not that cute. Where are Blake Lively's, Scarllett Johanson, and Vanessa Hudgen's pictures?. Now those were pretty hot.

      1. Jim Job says:

        Oh, you're blind! Olivia is sexy as hell! Bow down before the almighty Olivia! LOL

      2. Olivia Munn is easily one of the sexiest women… The fact that she's also a big gamer, and nerd makes her even more sexy.

    20. seth says:

      seeing things like this makes me feel eeew

    21. rkbujinkan says:

      What is that laying next to coco? Looks like a 10 year old boy. 150lb. infant.

    22. Wow, all hot pics, thanks

    23. prathap says:

      why are they all censored?

    24. girl24 says:

      so did everyone forget Cassie

    25. Eric says:

      where were the famous people? I must be getting old

      1. Guessing you must be… Ashley Greene and Olivia Munn are the main two you need to familiarize yourself with.

      2. Jonathan says:

        I thought THE EXACT SAME THING about myself..lol lol..lol Thanks for making me laugh and feel better.

      3. Byron says:

        I'm with you, Eric. Heard of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The rest might as well have been checkout people from the local supermarket.

    26. Dragonetta says:

      Chris Brown is an a-hole, but apparently, he's got a very big heart.

    27. bakpia jogja says:

      Wow, all hot pics, thanks

    28. ok number 10 Olivia Munn not nude and number 9 Katy Perry nude but u cant see anything and u didnt have to cover anything up

    29. fury says:

      Yeah Olivia Munn isn't even naked. Katy Perry's picture is actually pretty freakin awesome, I wouldn't mind having pizza served to me in the bath tub lol and CoCo's picture is actually really sweet. she looks like one tired momma and probably a breastfeeding mother too. Go CoCo!

      1. Bella says:

        It would be sweet, if she was the momma. But she's not, she's the aunt. Which makes it pretty creepy. If my sister was laying in the bed naked with my son and someone was taking pictures of it I would be pretty upset.

    30. Corey says:

      Why is Olivia Munn even on ANY hot celebrity list?

    31. kat lover says:

      Kat Denning could look good even in burlap

    32. @lefurded says:

      What is this, fucking valentines day? Either get rid of the hearts and bars or the prude who puts them in the pictures. How old are you Harvey?

    33. sublime says:

      Strange that most are self-portraits.

    34. andrew8665 says:

      Pizza in the bathtub? Really? I mean Really? Trying hard to be feel rich sure not easy.

      Lady GA GA was hot, cant tell you what I would do to her… She would never be same, and alll her future music would inspire the world for the better.

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