That Time I Got Mystery Sex Toys in the Mail…Thanks Luvmybox!

Christmas is definitely a time for giving, but it’s also a time for getting…and I got a pretty cool gift this month. Among all the gifts from my parents and friends, I was also sent a box full of lovely sex toys from Luvmybox.

Luvmybox is a new subscription service for sex toys. Basically, you pay $34.95 a month, and they send a box full of sex toys to your door. I think this is a pretty great idea because some sex shops are really intimidating, vulgar, confusing, etc. Sometimes when you go into a sex store, you want to know more about the products, but you don’t want to ask the guy behind the counter what vibrator is the best or which lube is the tastiest. With this service, you can try out the products in the comfort of your home without going into a bright, fluorescent impersonal store.

Sometimes the boxes are themed, and December’s box had a striptease theme. It included pasties, a boa, a garter, nipple gel, a book about how to strip tease and two types of lube.

Now, I don’t know if December’s box is the best value for the money (but most of the past boxes seem like they are). I feel like most of us have boas/garters already from crazy college parties, and the Gun Oil brand lube came in tiny sample packs which are only good for one use (however, it was really good lube). I would probably consider buying that Gun Oil lube, but I never would have asked about it in a sex shop. Without Luvmybox, I wouldn’t know of its magical lube-y powers.

Also, I probably NEVER would have bought nipple gel on my own…but guess what guys? I LIKED IT A LOT. The one that came in the box was California Exotic Novelties Climax Nipple Gel, mint flavored. I would have been waaaaay too freaked out to buy some in public, but since it came to my door I figured I may as well try it, and now I’m a big fan! (My boyfriend said it tasted less like mint and more like IcyHot and kind of numbed his mouth…but it felt good on me soooo.)

Another thing to know if you’re thinking about subscribing (which I think would be great for anyone who is into sexperimenting), is that the boxes are shipped from Canada. Therefore, in order to go through customs, each box has a list on the outside about the contents on the inside. So, if you live with your parents or easily-freaked-out roomies, you may want to make sure you’re home to get the box so they don’t see you’re receiving an ‘electric massager’ one month.

All in all, I would totally consider signing up for Luvmybox if I had a spare $35 every month. Because I’m in a relationship, I think it would be an awesome thing to sign up for since I am always curious about bringing sex toys into my relaysh, but don’t want to be awkward about it or — god forbid — have to go buy them from a weird 18-year-old boy at the XXX store.  I just couldn’t ever ask, “Oh sir, can you tell me how these vibrating underwear work?”

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