Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Is First To Get 1 Billion Youtube Views [Sugar Binge]

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is the first video on Youtube get 1 billion views. While I realize it is an international hit, I don’t know anyone who has watched the video all the way through more than once if that at all. Are you down with the “Gangnam” craze? Why do you think the song is so wildly popular? Is it because there’s a dance that goes along with it like the “Macarena?” I wonder if Psy will find success with other songs in the U.S.?

• Are Rihanna and Chris Brown engaged because this picture sure makes it look that way? Then again, they have been trolling us all year long. 

rihanna-and-chris-brown ring

• ABC News argues that “curvy” actresses are finding success because they are talented and are setting in a motion a body revolution that is reinventing what is sexy all over again

“The trend on screen reflects what’s happening in the real world. The average weight of an American woman over the age of 20 is 166 pounds, according to the CDC. The average size waist is 37.5 inches, which corresponds to a size 16 to 18.”

Do you feel better about your body seeing new and diverse shapes reflected on television and in movies?

• Amy Poehler addresses “jealousy issues” in this week’s Ask Amy. 

• Why is there a Modern Family nail polish line

• The CW is casting a new Robin Hood series with a LADY ROBIN HOOD. Holler for more positive female roles on television, kicking ass and taking names



    1. I wonder if Psy will find success with other songs in the U.S.?

    2. I wonder if Psy will find success with other songs in the U.S.?

    3. Billiam says:

      I wonder if William Brown will find success with other comments in the U.S.?

    4. Turtle says:

      I like Turtles!!!

    5. Carina says:

      This is true…Why every one is so crazy about Gangnam Style,,, Anyway I am happy that people are enjoing it.

    6. frida says:

      1 Billion views,,,,,,,,,this is crazy

    7. Thothy says:

      gangnam style got famous not because of the song it actually got famous because of the new dance steps

    8. Julie Clarity says:

      I like the dancing…so fun.

    9. Wow, congratulations! since the song started, my daughter Stephanie is want to hear and dance. She Gangnam Style.

    10. adelinde says:

      Whoever created and put together "Gangnam Style" … a producer, an agent, a production company or, small chance, PARK Jay-sang, Psy, himself …wisely hired KIM Hyun-a to appear in the video.

      Why wisely? HyunA is one of the most successful top performers in KPop, has international presence … MTV awards, Spin Magazine prominence, et cetera … and had a whopping big international success last year with a video titled "Bubble Pop" that was both hot and banned in a number of markets for it's hip swinging "inappropriately" sexy choreography.

      With HyunA in "Gangnam Style" PARK Jae-sang's management was all but 100% sure that "Gangnam Style" would launch successfully and have a chance at a good run … and the marketing scheme worked well.

      Interesting, HyunA's new video, "Ice Cream" has a cameo by Psy and presently is performing better in the market than did "Gangnam Style" at the same moment in "Gangnam Style's" trajectory.

      OK, Psy's had a big hit and it was a very clever move to get HyunA on board to provide the launch oomph to make it happen. However, there's no doubt HyunA's star will continue to shine the brightest. PARK Jae-sang has said it himself, 'I'm a chubby korean guy," and HyunA is gorgeous, hot, talented and clearly on top of her game.

    11. Xaivier Rose says:

      they are saying psy's song gangnam style is been overviewed by parodys

    12. keke love says:

      People go with the trend today many people do not think for them self ….My mum say dont follow the leader be the leader you may end up in a ditch otherwise.. :

    13. Considering the current craze, I guess you could say it's like the Macarena – albeit on a much bigger magnitude. I can already see kids of the next few generations still dancing to PSY's tune.

    14. It looks like "Gangnam Style" might have company soon enough – not surprisingly, from another hit of Psy's. The Korean's latest hit is already raking in the views so fast , it might just hit the billion soon enough.

    15. Claire Mier says:

      As we speak, PSY's second Comeback has made new record of the most viewed video on Youtube. I doubt that your doubt over his success is true.
      The dance moves and the song will also be similar to something that have been done before. I mean, speaking of which, JLo's on the floor deserves much more condescension.

    16. Matterhead says:

      This is a Lovely and Stupid Website – Congratulations you have made money and made us all a little more stupid:)

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