We All Can’t Be Lauren Conrad, But We CAN Steal Her Hairstyle!

No matter how Lauren Conrad styles her hair, it always seems to look flawless but natural; which both angers me and makes me incredibly jealous. You can achieve her amazing looks, though, with the help of College Fashion’s guide. They’ve got some hair care tips and styling tutorials that will help you get a hairstyle that rivals Lauren’s!

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    1. And atheism was as much a part of me as any of my physical characteristics. I said she might as well ask me to be six feet tall instead of five-nine or to have blue eyes instead of brown, as ask me to change from atheist to theist. Her reply was that was how she felt about theism..

    2. Alice Cooper says:

      Isn't that how it often is? I've lost count how many people I've seen trying to copy a celebrity's hairdo.

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