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Chris and Rihanna Continue To Troll Us

Chris Brown and Rihanna go public after trolling us for a million years. Happy New Year! They were spotted at a Lakers’ game canoodling in the bleachers – how typical.  Can’t wait to see what these two will Instagram later.

In Other News

Taylor Swift is named the most charitable celeb of 2012. Good for her.

So whatever happened to all of those kids from your favorite Christmas movies?

Does the pull out method actually work? Um, do you think it does?

Everyone went to see two depressing movies on Christmas: Les Miserables and Django Unchained.

3 outfits with one fabulous red tuxedo.

These holiday songs will get you in the mood.

These X-mas trees are ridiculously unique. 

These 25 appetite suppressants are really tasty.


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