How to Survive New Year’s Eve When You’re Single

I feel like New Year’s Eve celebrators fall into three camps: 1. The coupled-up, super excited girl. 2. The single, but desperately hoping for a midnight kiss person. 3. The single, but really just wanting to party with friends person. I’ll say a quick hello to the coupled up people, but this post is not for you. It’s for the single ladies. New Year’s Eve can suck for you girls. There’s too much build-up, too much pressure, and way too much disappointment. I get it, we’re sold this idea of NYE as the best party ever. You’re supposed to party with all your best friends in a dress that makes you look perfect, get just the right level of wasted, then kiss a hot guy at midnight on the dot. Talk about pressure. Whether you buy into that perfect idea and want to make out with someone right after the countdown, or if you genuinely just want to spend the night with your girls, here are some tips for making New Year’s Eve not just bearable, but fun.

1. Drop those expectations. I know this sounds pessimistic, but seriously, just give up on that idea of the perfect most amazing party ever. Even finding an outfit will be ridiculously stressful if you put that much pressure on yourself. New Year’s Eve will NEVER be perfect. Every bar will be a hot, sweaty, crowded mess. Clubs will turn you away at the door. Champagne will be way too expensive. Just go out hoping to have a regular, fun night, and view everything good that happens as a happy bonus.

2. Appreciate your friends. Your midnight kiss might not happen, so surround yourself with your best, most fun, awesome friends on New Year’s Eve. You want to be with your besties – the girls who won’t ditch you for some guy, the ones who will grab you at midnight and kiss you on the cheek and laugh with you so you don’t feel lonely.

3. Get organized… Sorry to sound like a control freak, but planning ahead is essential for New Year’s Eve. Find an outfit that makes you feel great a week or so in advance, make sure you buy tickets or get on any guestlists for the good parties, and research to make sure wherever you go isn’t too expensive. Discuss expectations of the night with your friends in advance – you don’t want to go in hoping to have a wild girl’s night out only to end up with three friends obsessed with making out with their crush when midnight hits.

4. …But don’t freak out if your plans fall through. So the coolest club in town won’t let you in. Relax, you can have just as much of a fun night in a tiny bar doing shots of tequila. Some of the best nights out are the ones that don’t go as you expected.

5. Take pleasure in the small things. Your night might not be how you dreamed it. But smile at how great you look in that dress. Look up at the fireworks and feel all warm and fuzzy. Look around at all your amazing friends and remember how incredible your year has been.

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. But hey, if you’re really dreading it just stay home, watch movies and pig out on all your favorite food. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

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    1. itsnidasiddiqui says:

      Great advice– not only for New Yrs Eve but for any holiday party! Things happen have a plan b,c, and d, and if they fall through just be happy where ever you are with who ever you're with!

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