6 Reasons I’m Ready for Winter Break to Be Over!

Call me crazy, but I think winter break has been long enough! I know, I know, last semester I kept saying how I couldn’t wait to be done with school for a couple weeks, but now look at me. I’ve morphed into a couch potato, I’m living vicariously through my friends’ Instagram photos of their vacations, and I even think my parents would like to get me out of their house (“When are you going back to school again?…”).

I’ve gotten my fix of home-cooked meals and my comfy bed at home, so now I’m more than ready for this winter break to be done.

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  1. BriBri says:

    I'm counting down the days I go back to school. I feel like I'm on lockdown back home, and there's nothing to really do where I live. It sucks!

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  3. L... says:

    I've got exams as soon as I get back to school so I would not mind if the holiday was longer.

  4. BKM says:

    I have exams, too. :( Really poor planning – I've spent my entire break working on end-of-term projects and studying.

  5. Nonono! Im definately NOT ready for winter break to be over!! I love your positivity eother way… Numbers 2 and 6 are completely true for me. I’ll also be good to see my friends again…Hahaha

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  7. Leah says:

    Plus, (at least in my case) i've grown so far apart from my at-home friends that it's not even like i have people to not-awkwardly hang out with.

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  13. lisa rohan says:

    Definitely When are you going back to school again :)

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