8 Kids Who Are More Talented Than You [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

I love messing around on YouTube and finding random videos of talented people. It’s even better when I discover talented kids. The kids in these videos are some of my favorites, and I expect to see them make it big someday. Enjoy!

Someone Like You-Devon Reese

10-Year Old Twins Sing for Ellen

Talented Children

Lil P-Nut “You Might Be the One”

Lennon and Maisy-Headlock by Imogen Heap

Psy- Gangnam Style MattyBRaps cover feat. Cimorelli

Best Singer in the World

Britains Got Talent 2011 Olivia Binfield



    1. Millie010113 says:

      I hate these stupid titles. They're rude and degrading. Ugh!

    2. pablo says:

      lipsynching or kareoke is considered talent now?

      1. MrBojangles says:

        according to idiots, yes.

      1. Rion says:

        No. Just no.

    3. MsMelon says:

      Whoop de doo.

      They can sing. Is that really considered a cool talent these days?

      1. Leo says:

        Yes. It is.

    4. hmm says:

      Whats up with lil p nut, are we breeding thugs?

    5. Lennon and Maisy on Nashville, oh very good

    6. Beans says:

      Please tell me how just singing alone equates to having ALL the talent in the world. Who the fuck that these kids can sing. What ELSE can they do? Are they skilled carpenters, engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers… no. They're kids who can sing, that's it. They cant fuck all else. Why does today's society hold stupid unnecessary talents like dancing, singing, and acting on a pedestal that contribute absolutely nothing to our world. If you go to school and become a nurse helping and caring for people everyday, THAT is a talent. Not making stupid youtube videos of yourself copying other peoples songs.

      1. Kevin says:

        Man, you are just….so, so bitter. Singing is a talent that a lot of people really appreciate. And these are kids. Maybe they will all grow up to be doctors and nurses and EMTs and mechanics and all kinds of neat things. But for now, they're kids. It's impressive to do something so well at such a young age. And what is this "today's society" nonsense? Have you ever heard of opera? That thing that was all the rage 500 years ago? People have always loved singing. They will always love it. What are you so mad about? Are you so bitter with your place in the world that you can't appreciate kids singing? I don't think the author meant they are actually more talented or valuable than you; it was a tongue-in-cheek title. Relax. Please.

    7. jeff says:

      Didn't you know useless shit is what's important nowadays?

    8. saucyc123 says:

      i love this , this is brilliant ,video 3 is a little creepy tho… Lennon and Maisy are my fav

    9. Charles says:

      These kids are amazing entertainers.. For the title, however humorous and cheeky it may be, it's simply annoying.. It makes people like me who spend all my life-time providing one of the basic necessity of life (food) feel wasteful. The kids are good singers though.. I'm waiting for the moment when skilled-farming like aquaponics will be seen as a talent..

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