New Year’s Resolutions I Actually Want to Keep [The Weekly 10]

I’m just going to say it. No matter how many times I vow to exercise and eat healthy on January 1st, I know in the back of my head that it is NEVER going to happen. I guess for me, it always seems so daunting. Eating salad for the next 365 days is a hard thing to commit to on New Year’s. So, I’m done making resolutions I know won’t work out.

This year, I have 10 resolutions that I actually want to keep (and I feel like I’ll be able to). I don’t think any of us are 100% satisfied with our lives right now, so making a few small changes might not be so bad for me.

Also, putting these on College Candy and letting a bunch of people read them kind of makes me want to keep them even more.


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