The Ultimate Guide to Mid-Season TV Show Premieres

And here, we, go! It’s that awkward time of the year for mid-season premieres/replacements to fill the line ups on all network and cable stations. Several have fallen from a treacherous Fall Season. Others wait for a final word on if they’ll be renewed. In the meantime, we get a slew of new series to test in their place.

This list features some of the more buzzed about premieres, to give you a bit of a taste and an informed opportunity to choose what you think is worth watching. I promise to be as non-biased as possible but I can’t guarantee complete objectivity…

I tried to cut the list off to series premiering in early March since it’s difficult for me to accept that midseason premieres need include shows that air in May. The real question is, what are you going to be watching?

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The Dude

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