Video Of Steubenville Students Discussing Rape Victim Is Disturbing [Candy Dish]

Hate to start your day  off this way, I must say this video needs a trigger warning because of how awful it is. After a 16-year-old girl was raped by members of a football team in Steubenville, Ohio only two team members were charged and while they were believed to be the main perpetrators, the internet hacking group, Anonymous had other plans. They released this video exposing (whom they feel to be other guilty parties) football team members and students joking very vindictively about the rape victim. The Frisky has the full story, “According to the YouTube poster misternunya, “This video was obtained by Anonymous as part of #oprollredroll and #occupysteubenville. Only 2 arrests in this ongoing case while those that witnessed the incident and even on camera admit it’s rape, have not been charged due to lack of evidence.”

This video is shocking, disturbing and downright disgusting.

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    1. Molly - UNL says:

      WHAT THE EFF. That was really hard to watch, but I'm glad I did. That was the most disturbing thing I've seen in a while.

    2. Pamela Willi says:

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    3. Helen Wholf says:

      12:29 minutes, and we wonder why our world is so screwed up.

    4. Reblogged this on theclarifiedblackman and commented:
      As much as I like to joke about sex, relationships and things, this video is by no means endorsed by me. I’m sure you guys have heard of the Ohio rape case, so this is the video of the alleged perpetrators. It goes to prove my point about the “mob-mentality” that accompanies many male interactions that get out of hand. There appears to be one voice of clarity and reality in the room, but the others are quick to displace his position with their sick form of humor when he brings up the “R” word. Shameful and I hope that all involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent. If these kids are not punished, they will back in the news soon for some more forceful, violent form of rape. This group is already feeling that they are above the law, as they had no problem taping their discussion of the violation of the female, so the will progressively get worse. They are so desensitized to the violation of the female. UNBELIEVABLE! What is wrong with teens today?

      I just wonder what else has this group done to females that they felt was TOO nasty, criminal or outrageous to tape, where this one wasn’t. smh

    5. Ohio only two team members were charged and while they were believed to be the main perpetrators, the internet hacking group, Anonymous had other plans.

    6. […] asking for India to address the rising issue of violence against women. Then internet hacking group Anonymous posted a video of students in Steubenville joking about the rape of a 16-year-old girl by two of the […]

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