Can You Be Feminist And Pro-Life? [Candy Dish]

Jezebel says nope. They do have a point but I am still interested in hearing what you all have to say. As the article points out, of course as a woman you have the choice to never ever get an abortion or to even personally think it’s morally wrong. Nevertheless as a feminist you would have to support an inclusive decision, one that gives all women the right to choose to have or not to have one.

“Despite the mission statements of pro-life, conservative political action groups like Feminists for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List and Sarah Palin’s repeated use of the F-word, there is actually no such thing as a “pro-life feminist.” Sure, you can be a feminist and make a personal decision to never get an abortion. But who the f*** are you to actively work at taking away other women’s right to make their own personal decisions about their uteruses?”

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    1. Molly - UNL says:

      My question, why does Pro-life have to mean anti-abortion? While, I (for religious reasons) wouldn't probably ever get an abortion, I think that it's not really my business if someone else gets one.

    2. mary says:

      What about that child's right to live? Who is anyone to take that away just because allowing that child would be an inconvenience? Here's the kicker, what if that child would have been a girl, how can a 'feminist' justify that death? It is just selfish. Once you are pregnant, you are no longer making decisions solely about your own body, you are responsible for another person's life. Time to grow up and be responsible for your actions.

    3. Claudia Couck says:

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    4. katie says:

      i am not strictly pro-life or anti-abortion. however, i feel that everyone is overlooking the fact that in many people's minds, it is not a decision about a uterus but a decision about a human life. i can't say definitively that the value of a human life doesn't begin at conception. i consider myself fairly feminist but i understand why many people would think ending a human life is morally wrong. using birth control or condom's are both decisions that women can make about their bodies, having an abortion is not the same thing.

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