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25 Best Quotes From Toddlers And Tiaras [Gallery]

redneck beauty copy

We all know and love Honey Boo Boo but the people on Toddlers and Tiaras say such amazing things they could have literally picked any one family to follow and gotten an amazing reality series. Seriously, you give a few bite-sized beauty queens a camera and a microphone and the filters come off. They’ll say just about anything unapologetically and it’s great – getting inside the heads of kids who are a part of one of the weirdest aspects of American culture: pageants. These kiddies have a lot on their mind and they’re not afraid to say they’d rather have pizza than participate in some silly pageant or that they are – sigh – better than everyone else. Check out the 25 best, funniest and shocking quotes from Toddler’s and Tiaras.

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