The Stupidest Wedding Stuff on Pinterest [The Weekly 10]

Look, it doesn’t matter who you are…I know you have a weddings board on Pinterest. Whether it’s titled ‘My Perfect Day’ or ‘What Will Be the Best Day of My Life’ or just ‘Weddings,’ you have one and I know it. I have one too (even though I’m one of those people who never wants to get married, because I don’t need a piece of paper to show my love and blah blah…yes, you can roll your eyes a me).

I’ve pinned a bunch of hairstyles, a few pretty dresses and some HUGE rings on my wedding board. I can’t resist, it’s all so pretty. But, if you peruse the weddings section of Pinterest, you will find things that are not pretty. I don’t understand how people come up with some of the wedding stuff on there. Like why would you want animals at your wedding? Isn’t that a lot to deal with when it comes to shedding fur and animal poop? I know you don’t want to pull your dress out of your closet years later and remember that the reason it smells like cat pee is because you saw the CUTEST cat ring bearer on Pinterest, and you just had to do it too.

Here’s all the stuff I hate:



    1. pila says:

      You're just jealous that you're not getting married. Actually some of this ideas are funny.

    2. Katie says:

      gonna have to agree some of these are just great ideas like the mason jars and the matched and beer coosie were funny. not sure what planet your from but those are great I deas. plus i plan to have my dog in my wedding because he is like a child to me!!!!

    3. Josephine says:

      Well, hehehe Photo 5 is cute and I like that cute engagement tattoo ring or something. But the others are cool and awesome.
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    4. well i think its a cute stuff. not so bad at all. and it is creative.

    5. mens suit says:

      I think its not stupid but a cute design is what i see.

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    7. This just screams judgmental and jealous.

    8. meltemmaire says:

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