10 New Completely Ridiculous Reality TV Series [Gallery]

Reality TV is notorious for exploiting people’s prejudices. Whether that be cultural stereotypes about people of color, teenagers, people who live in certain parts of the countries or women – reality TV loves to sink to the lowest of the lows. Unfortunately, watching them is just about everyone’s guilty pleasure (including my own). The more ridiculous the better usually and if the people are old enough and cognizant enough to recognize what’s happening then I guess it can’t be so bad. This year is bring us a slew of terribly-terrific reality TV. From “Fat Girl Revenge,” a show about formerly large women seeking vengeance on their haters, to “All My Baby’s Mamas,” a show about Shawty Lo and the 10 women who birthed his 11 children. 2013, guys, it’s going to be a good year.



    1. Savannah says:

      Um, Oxygen is not making me want to watch any of these.. Seriously! Are some of these jokes?

    2. only1danielled says:

      nooooooooooooooo are you serious????? omg

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