Our 10 Favorite Alt-Gothy Girls From The ’90s

The 1990s was full of triumphant, strong female characters. Goth and alternative culture had reached the mainstream which meant there were a ton of sarcastic, sassy female characters with amazing style (in my opinion) who embraced characteristics that broke the conventions of gender and sexuality. Today we pay homage to our favorite alternative ladies who have become iconic of 1990s womanhood, humor and third wave feminism.

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    1. daniemarie says:

      Great list…but Ghost World was released in 2001 (unless you meant the comic).

      1. Emerald Pellot says:

        Totes the comic since that when the character was created, most people just know the movie better.

    2. […] • Just a collection of our favorite alt-gothy girls from the ’90s (CollegeCandy) […]

    3. roze says:

      What!? No Tank Girl?!

    4. blabla says:

      Graham <3<3<3

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