8 Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Webb

First of all, who is Katherine Webb? She is basically America’s new sweetheart. During the BCS title game (college football, yup) ESPN announcer Brent Musburger became less than interested in the unexpectedly boring game, between Alabama and Notre Dame, and more than enraptured with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s beauty queen girlfriend. She may have been Miss Alabama but America didn’t know much about Katherine before the camera panned to her oblivious face and Brent Musburger gushed about her general babe-ness. He called her a lovely lady, said quarterbacks get all the hotties then Tweeted about how she was the best part of the game. Katherine is 23, he is 73 – it was a little strange. Although ultimately harmless, he later apologized for essentially making it weird.

America can’t seem to stop buzzing with talk of Katherine Webb and she’s hardly even gotten a word in herself. After a bit of Googling, turns out the girl ain’t so bad after all. She’s pretty much just like any other college gal.

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    1. Heather says:

      Okay, I hate the SEC but if anyone seriously didn’t see the game ending like that, they are delusional. Notre Dame barely had a schedule and with the exception of A

    2. ricky says:

      Really, the author has no clue about shooting skeet (fact #8)? He had best be standing near Katherine when the revolution starts, or he’ll be on the losing end of the shotgun!

      War damn Eagle, Katherine.

    3. whatevs says:

      Wait, you're going to force me to click through a damn slideshow to see everything, and then when I do click, an annoying popup ad opens up? Screw you guys. Not visiting this site again.

    4. […] brings me to the biggest question of all: is this the future of dating and relationships (Even Katherine Webb met her boyfriend AJ McCarron on Twitter!)? Don’t get me wrong- I love being able to Facebook […]

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