Ghost Driver Pranks Drive-Through Employees, Everyone Is Trippin’

Okay. Let’s be honest. This has probably got to be one of the best pranks of all time. Hands down! MagicofRahat, a Youtube comedian and user, decided to dress up as the driver seat of his car and pull up to different drive through windows. Just imagine what your reaction would be if you were the employee. If you said priceless, I completely agree. I basically died laughing, but hey, don’t take my word for it.

See for yourself…

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    1. larzze says:

      What i like aromatherapy is the scent which is booth soothing and enjoyable. I always be afraid by Drivers hit and ruN when driving alone.

    2. Jessica Alba says:

      This is really funny and interesting. This a wonderful idea to play pranks with people and they will certainly not guess that someone is dressed like a driver seat. Their faces are worth seeing when they saw the driver less car. Though it is a nice idea but make sure that this dress will not hamper your driving and you can drive without any problem.

    3. They should've tried passing by more than just drive through joints. Some shocked police expressions would've made for equally priceless shots.

    4. It is quite filmy when you just think about a driverless car. But certainly if you are traveling through a car and it looks from outside that the car has no driver on the driver seat then you might be in confusion. But quite funny these things when it happens. I have seen this type of thing in movies and basically these are animated or due to cinematography these are possible. But now it is quite possible due to the latest technology applies in the auto mobile sectors.

    5. denny says:

      Some relationships are like glass. It’s better to leave it broken, than to hurt yourself more by trying to put it back together.

    6. Blogery says:

      Prank news that the car without driver is really very funny but this is becoming one of the true news this time. This is so funny to hear but I think this is one of the possible things. You can mark that this type of things happening in films and multimedia sites but the researchers are trying for it to make it a wonderful possibility. The people whoever will mark this type of vehicle on road might feel joke that this is somehow about magic but I do think that this is the possible factors of science and technology.

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