Robin Verrecas Is Justin Bieber’s Potentially More Attractive Doppelganger

For all of you Beliebers, believe in this: a Justin Bieber look-a-like is out there! Robin Verrecas, an 18 year-old from Belgium, has emerged on social media as the Bieb’s twin (well, almost). The two are not related, but it sure looks like they are! Verrecas, who constantly posts lookalike photos to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, does not seem to be at all upset by the comparison.

As a matter of fact, he even stood up for Justin when the star was accused of smoking weed. Fans blamed Verrecas for the controversial photo, but he responded on Twitter saying, “THE PIC IS FAKE!” and told his followers that it wasn’t Justin in the pic either.¬†Tweeting things like “#BELIEVE” and responding to Bieber’s fans, Verrecas seems to be embracing his responsibility as an all-around social media Bieber body double.

Check out the photos below to see more of Vereccas’ Bieber resemblance!

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    1. Hollywoodite says:

      So much Blue Steel.

    2. […] If you have time to waste or scrolling through your phone while in the restroom, this is useless information created just for the moment. Justina”I squint my eyes to look dreamy” Bieber thanked his fans today on his twitter: “6 years ago today u all started to change my life. Thank u. Love u. #stillkidrauhl”. Uh..what the hell is that hash mark? Apparently, the name is his original Youtube name; it from a character in a book his father read. Now, close your eyes and with a sprinkle of Bieber glitter over your forehead and fierce eye squinting you are now relevant to generation Bieber. Oh, and apparently the world did come to an end. Seems like there is a factory of clones in Canada, maybe China that is creating Biebers, forehead wrinkles and all!!!! Click to see¬†Bieber look-alike. […]

    3. he is very attractive!

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