10 Things All Women Need to Know About Men

In this crazy, crazy world we live in, there are so many things we take for granted. Things like Easy Mac, Break ‘n Bake cookies and men. Yup, men. There’s no way around it, ladies — they’re on this earth with us for the next million years (or at the very least, until we learn how to procreate on our own), so we might as well get with it. And since there’s absolutely no escaping the crux of the male existence, there are quite a few things all women need to learn about our male counterparts.

So pour yourself a pinot, take a peek at your pedicure and pull out your notepads, betches, ’cause I’m rollin’ through the top ten clues all divas need when it comes to dudes. Here goes…

Kylie is a writer from New York who survives on pizza as her main food group. She’s obsessed with Harry Potter and believes that all there is know about life can be learned by watching Boy Meets World reruns in bed. Follow her daily musings on Twitter.

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    1. Kayla says:

      I feel really bad if you believe this to be true. You have met some poor examples of men.

      1. oatmeal&art says:

        Also agreed Kayla. This is not just a poor example, but an insult to the male sex. This article perpetuates these negative stereotypes. Also, it seems to insinuate that women can just take it or leave it. What century are we living in?

    2. Shaked says:

      Agreed, Kayla!

    3. oatmeal&art says:


    4. So men cannot clean, or cook? I guess it's our job as women to get back into the kitchen then! Thanks for the tip!

    5. Rina says:

      These are gross generalizations!

    6. Eisencrest says:

      Stupidest list…

    7. Millie010113 says:

      Ha! My boyfriend is a neat FREAK and he can cook like nobody's business! And this is also kinda sexist!

    8. guest says:

      This is ridiculous to generalize and stereotype an entire group of people

    9. melodyraewood says:

      I agree. This is sexist. And if this is the stuff that this site posts maybe I shouldn't be visiting it.

    10. Grown Man says:

      Well, that was the dumbest article I have ever read. Happy 19th birthday. As you progress through college, get your first job, and reach your mid to late 20's, you will punch the author of this article in the face. You will learn to cook, and cook well. You will realize that you will keep your bathroom much cleaner than your wife/girlfriend. You will learn to read signals and signs you sig other is giving you, and it will make her happy. You will gossip just as much as women. And trust me, your girl loves pizza just as much as you. She just wont eat it for breakfast and lunch, because she's smokin hot and wants to stay that way for you, and so she can be confident about herself, and take care of the kids when you die of a heart attack at 50 from eating pizza every day. Men, learn all of this now…… and I promise, you won't be having sex to stop crying. You will be having sex because women will enjoy your company. And my response is soooo much better than your article. Where's the career section in this site?

    11. Karen says:

      I love CC but when this kind of articles show up i wonder if the people at PR and editors are really paying attention. This and the "10 Reasons why *enter celebrity name here* is better than you " really downgrade this site's quality.

    12. Ashley says:

      I feel that this was a very stupid reply. It is so sexist and most of it was not true. Not to mention that stereo typing every guy into what their likes and abilities are is just so irrelevant. If you were writing a true article you would have not had such a feminist view on some of this. This is just wrong. Every guy is different and saying that they can't cook or have sex just as frequently as women cry is just degrading to men everywhere. You cannot stereo type guys and label it to be true. Do some research. And if this was meant to be a joke then you should have stated otherwise because obviously many people did not take it as one.

    13. harold says:

      you are a truly liberated woman, Jane. Liberated means you are free from the chains of the wicked media and a sexcraved culture. The movie and entertainment industries are controlled by wicked, depraved reprobates who enjoy degradiing women. They send subtle messages to our girls who are not morally equipped to judge right and wrong. A real woman values her sexuality and understands that it is not a commudity to trade. You are confident with who you are. Men love women like you

    14. Bill says:

      Seldom have I read such sexist bullshit.
      Why did you write something like that?

    15. guest008 says:

      in other words the men of my race are totally useless except for lubricating one's genitals. tnks for telling me what i already know.

    16. of ireland says:

      your'e a sexist moron.
      Please remove your tripe from the internet.
      You will never have a meaniful relationship with a man, let alone recognise one and treat him as a equal. No shit, men and women are not the same – but we complement each other so well.
      So get over it stay with the swathes of idiots who have followed the meaningless-bullshit-sex-in-the-city-glitzy -airbrushed turd way of life that is just a pathetic fantasy!

    17. Scott says:

      Clearly she's just trying to be cute with this tired, cliche crap. Yawn.

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