GAIN Fitness is Like Having a Personal Trainer in Your Computer [Web Spy]


One of my resolutions almost every year (along with almost everyone else in America) is to get in better shape.

However, since I’ve never been good at working out on a consistent basis, I’m always stuck at what types of exercise I should do. I’d love to hire a personal trainer to show me the best exercises for the results I want and help me plan out workouts, but that’s way beyond my budget.

Or at least that’s what I thought before I discovered GAIN FitnessGAIN Fitness is a totally simple site that helps you plan a custom workout that fits your schedule.

Just enter in what kind of workout you’re looking for (full body, arms, core, etc.), your main fitness goal (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.), whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, and how much time you have, and GAIN Fitness creates a custom workout for you. It also includes the total calories burned from the workout routine, pictures and/or videos of each exercise so you can be sure you’re doing it correctly, and explains what parts of your body each move works out. It’s like having your very own personal trainer that lives in your computer – and that is free!

You can then email your workout to yourself (or share with a friend), share on Twitter and Facebook, or print out a copy to take with you to the gym. And if you sign up for a (free) account, you can save workouts for later and export them to your computer’s calendar to remind yourself to exercise.

And of course, there’s also an app for your phone that includes the best parts of the GAIN Fitness website, as well as a calendar feature to help you keep track of your workouts – so you can take your personal trainer with you in your purse or pocket!



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