Why Guys Don’t Think Kristen Stewart’s Hot

“You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f***ing happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f*** me over! Do you know what I mean?”- Kristen Stewart to Elle

Obviously that quote’s from more than 2 months ago…And it’s a beautiful summation, albeit a sample taken out of a larger context, of why Kristen Stewart’s unattractive as a human being, at the present moment. She’s one of the most famous and highest paid people in the world, and she’s an ungrateful, immature, clueless child who has allowed herself to be put in a position where she has, for better or worse, influence over others. The public. The Twihards. The next generation. God help them and the Kool-Aid they’re drinking when singing the praises of this girl.

I’m not just saying she’s not talented. Granted, I’ve yet to see much evidence of it. Bella Swan’s a terribly written character so I can’t put it all in her lap. Of course, Runaways was a chance to shine and she just masturbated on camera. Snow White and the Huntsmen was a shiny piece of fluff that she seemed to sleep through while swinging a sword. My favorite performance of hers, (of which I’ve seen almost all) would be Adventureland where she played a manipulative, selfish stoner who didn’t really care about hurting other people and indulged in self-loathing for doing things she knew she probably shouldn’t but wasn’t capable or willing to be responsible enough to choose not to do. It felt like her most honest work. Still does. Because that’s the girl I see, hear and read in every interview.

Is there any time she doesn’t look either bored or stoned? Can she quit complaining about being a celebrity? She’s an industry kid, for God’s sake! How else do you think she got her first auditions, agent and roles? If you think it was raw God-given talent then you don’t understand how the system works. She wasn’t discovered, she defaulted on her whims as a pubescent. If she didn’t want to be a celebrity she shouldn’t have chosen this line of work. She should go to college, like she says she wants to, and stop doing films. All I hear from her is how much the press sucks, the paparazzi make her life miserable, everyone makes the wrong assumptions about her, and she doesn’t want to “spread lies [act] for the rest of her life.” If only she’d follow through with those complaints and retire. If you don’t like what you’re doing and what responsibilities are called upon to continue to allow you the privilege to do what you’re doing, then do something else. Garbo stopped…that’s a ridiculous comparison.

She spouts on and on and on about how the most important thing for her is to be honest. To be honest with herself. To be honest with the people she cares about. For people to think she’s honest after meeting her, “What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, ‘She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.’” She honestly then needs to accept that she chose and continues to choose to live a life scrutinized by the masses. There are ways to skate around it and keep her life private, Hell, look at Johnny Depp! Or her costar Charlize Theron. She can keep a low profile and avoid the BS but she doesn’t. Don’t know why. Hopefully it’s not because she thinks that’d be her acting “dishonest” because it wouldn’t be. It’d be an adult decision and remove a source of headaches for all of us. There’s no shame in adapting, avoiding the traps, learning from mistakes, and making smarter choices with the life you’re living, if that’s the kind of life you continue to want to live. It’s called growing up and accepting the bad with the good. She’d rather bitch and moan.

Is she pretty? Whatever. That’s f***ing subjective. I don’t think so. And I don’t think it has anything to do with her looks. I think it has everything to do with the fact that when I look at her I see a 12 year-old. Being moody isn’t being honest. Being a pain in the ass isn’t being honest. Spouting off recycled adolescent jargon might be honest but it wears thin after a short while. That while passed a long time ago.

I hope she gets her sh*t together. I hope she decides to grow up. I hope she saves her money. I hope nothing bad befalls of her nor anyone else in her life. I hope she acquires the same kind of maturity that Abigail Breslin had at age 10. I just hope she also disappears from the public eye until she does.

Why don’t guys think she’s hot? Because most everything she says and the way she conducts herself screams drama queen, narcissist and child. The first is endless torture to endure. The second will destroy a man from the inside out. The third is…forget it. Too many words have been wasted on her. You know who guys think is hot and would make for a better role model for young women? Jennifer Lawrence. Go check her out. She’s talented, accepts the pros and cons of her celebrity, has been acting since she was a teenager, and is crazy honest.

Katniss beats Bella. BOOM!


The Dude

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    1. blogyear says:

      Well written. The part about her sleeping through is so right. Got to watch some katniss movie!

    2. Shanthi says:

      What's your take on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Do you really think he liked her or did they just get and stay together to increase publicity for their movies?

    3. Stephanie says:

      That quote isn't from two months ago. It is from almost a year ago. Acting talent is subjective as is looks but fact is, you sound way more bitter than Kristen Stewart ever has. Also, Kristen Stewart may have family who work in the industry but it isn't like they are power players. They're crew so her chances weren't any better than another kid who wanted to act. In fact, if you did your research, you'd know that she didn't get a lot of parts as a child until The Safety of Objects but that'd require work on your part and we wouldn't want to make you work, now would we?

    4. Brian says:

      Those guys are gay!

    5. Canaduck says:

      So she isn't grinning like a loon all of the time, who cares? I don't really feel one way or the other about her but come on, if a guy smiled as little as she does (and by the way, there are plenty of photos of her smiling and laughing) he would not get this kind of treatment.

      Jennifer Lawrence definitely way more freaking awesome though, can't deny that.

    6. Abby says:

      Agree very much with this article!

    7. Valerie says:

      If she wants to be “honest” why is she still in the closet and having a fake relationship with Robert Pattinson?

    8. Marco says:

      @stephanie: agree completely with your analysis. The DUDE or who ever wrote this uninformed article obviously knows nothing about Kristen Stewart. If Kristen was not constantly hounded by the immature hollywood and internet press maybe we all might have a more informed opinion of this talented actress. She almost completely self made which in todays HW lanscape is indeed impressive. Maybe we all might come off as different if we literally grew up on HW movie sets. She did not have the benefit of a public high school or college socialization, an experience that affects every aspect of our young lives. If anything, she comes off to me as undamaged by public schools harsh experience. So I guess in somes ways she is immature, but just because she was able to avoid these sometimes character damaging experiences does not make her less of a person, just lucky. I think she would agree she would probably be a little more jaded if she would have gone thru public education like the rest of us. But this does not make her a bad person, and she's catching up fast thanks to her fame and the non stop abuse by fucked up HW media.

    9. Marco says:

      Almost forgot, I think she is fucking gorgeous.

    10. MAH says:

      I'm tired of the Kristen Stewart hate. It's not innovative or interesting and it enforces the idea that if college aged women want to be loved we have to be constantly smiling, compliant, and as inoffensive to men as possible. If you are offended by how undesirable you find her, don't watch her.

    11. Jesse says:


    12. Chase says:

      agree on all levels thank you!

    13. tim says:

      She's hot you must be gay

      1. Dawn says:

        Kristen Stewart is ugly. You must need glasses.

    14. jack aroot says:

      Am I really commenting on this at 5:00 in the morning? I am pretty sure this article is right on, though the very precise fact checking on when exactly Stewart’s vocal cords vibrated to an audible level the words in question (verified by the diligent Stephanie (who might have issues of her own if her timeline knowledge of KS quotes is to be believed) being off by 10 months on the initial quote raises a large red flag as to how reliable this article may be. Please forgive the last sentence which can be defended as anything other than a run on sentence bordering on the incoherent. Ditto. There is little to guarantee that she didn’t have a mind altering lobotomy within in that enormous length of time that might have changed her whole attitude. She might have adopted a very cool personality which would make this whole article moot. IN YOUR FACE!!.

    15. Celina says:

      She's probably a good person. I don't think she's a bad actress, I just probably wouldn't remember her if she wasn't in a big hit series like Twilight. Overall, media-wise,, people would probably think any one of us were the total opposite of what we are if there was a photo or video for nearly every bad or uninteresting thing we did. Even if she is who you say she is, there is probably nothing you can do about it. Move on, and create some positive feed. Write an article about Jennifer Lawrence (if you havn't already).

    16. The B says:

      Hey, "the Dude",
      So if Kristen's latest complaint is like "Gee, that guy "the dude" seriously has a bug up his butt and if he likes me then why doesn’t he just ask me out?", then you know what? Yeah, she is honest and at least some of us don’t feel like the truth has to be painful to the rest of us. And I hope she reads this so she knows she still has a fan out here and I think 'Kristen' is a pretty name and her hair looks great.
      – The B

    17. The B says:

      Hey Mah.
      I agree. I think that in order to be considered a 100% Hollywood hot babe unfortunately means that most have to behave like they are 90% bimbo, Otherwise, this is how they get treated.
      – The B

    18. The B says:

      Hey, "the Dude",
      So if Kristen's latest complaint is like "Gee, that guy "the dude" seriously has a bug up his butt and if he likes me then why doesn’t he just ask me out?", then you know what? Yeah, she is honest and at least some of us don’t feel like the truth has to be painful to the rest of us. And I hope she reads this so she knows she still has a fan out here and I think Kristen is a pretty name and her hair looks great.

      And Mah is right. Kristen is proving she can be successful without behaving like a Bimbo.

      And stop deleting my posts.
      – The B

    19. Erin says:

      Generic looks, dumbo ears, stick straight legs, bugs bunny front teeth. Plus, she's inarticulate and doesn't say anything of interest, just vulgar, demeaning remarks; i.e BORING! THEREFORE: NOT HOT!

    20. whyaname says:

      excellent article!!!

    21. Alex says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you and did I say thank you? Finally, someone had the balls to freaking say it! She's absolutely not talented at all and just like most guys would agree with me, she's not even hot at all. Plus, her acting is terrible at best. I mean, she's a freaking pasty bored broad that I wouldn't finger bang. The only reason she's a somebody in Hollywood is because of her parents, because if it wasn't for them, she'll be another failed actress making lattes at Starbucks. I'm glad Twilight is over… Because I hope we won't have to endure her ever again. Her other two costars I wish them Thr best of luck and lots of success… But her? Yeah, good riddance to her.

    22. micky mouse says:

      who gave you the right to speak for men? just curious your opinion and 2 bucks will buy you a coffee your full of yourself

    23. Dawn says:

      Kristen Stewert has a constant look of depression, greasy hair, is too skinny, has low self esteem, lives up to half of her potential, is a home wrecker… the list goes on.

    24. bootaddict says:

      What a lot of negativity brewing here. "Dude", find a life and stop writing this kind of hate-filled drivel.

    25. KrisLovesHerSneakers says:

      They proboly don't like her cause she always looks so damn miserble…just sayin

    26. Eve says:

      Jennifer Lawrence is hot to everyone, Kristen Stewart is just hot to girls and Twihards. Different types of hotness. I'm not hating on Kristen, it's just the truth. Jennifer Lawrence is all around super hot!

    27. […] Scarlet Johannsen? Gorgeous. Zoe Saldana? Gorgeous. Kristen Stewart? Well, I already wrote about why no guy thinks she’s hot and it has nothing to do with any aspect of her […]

    28. Jason says:

      I had pancakes for breakfast.

    29. Nadia says:

      Of course Jennifer is far better than her!

    30. Lovegood says:

      Yes!! Go JLaw!!!

    31. daniel. says:

      like girls with not to al make up natural is the best

    32. Fwai2hk says:

      Wow, I want to email this piece to Kristen Stewart!

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