Yet Another Celebrity Tweets Their Naked Baby Bump

Move over Blue Ivy Carter, there’s a new celebrity baby on the way. A certain pop star has recently Tweeted a photo of her quite a large baby bump (and quite a good looking boyfriend as well). So who is this pregnant singer that seems like she can still rock a bikini? Here are some clues to help you find out:

1. The singer once played a trick on her Twitter followers, announcing that she had given birth to a son as a type of April Fool’s Day joke.

2. It probably won’t take long for her to get rid of the baby weight, considering her history of having killer abs and music videos involving a lot of belly dancing.

3. Because she most likely knows the due date, we know that she won’t be having this baby “Whenever, Wherever”.

Think you’ve got a guess? Leave it in the comments here, and then go check to see if you’re right!

[Lead image via Twitter]

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    1. jazzy says:

      that is cool and not right cause littel kids could see it

      1. Nina says:

        because little kids are never ever exposed to pregnancy in any shape or form or anything….

      2. Crystal says:

        lol OH NO MY CHILD SAW A PREGNANT WOMAN! what? nobody ever says that!

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