How To Create a Fake Online Girlfriend [WTF Friday]

After the uproar in the sporting world this week about Notre Dame’s star linebacker Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend scandal, as well as shows like MTV’s “Catfish,” I guess online geeks are taking it to a whole new level by supplying the internet masses with a step-by-step guide on how to fabricate a girlfriend (and not make the same mistakes as Te’o). The gadget website Gizmodo tells readers how to strip photos of all traceable information (time stamps, geographical locations, equipment used, etc.) as well as gives tips on manipulating time-stamped posts on social media websites.

This whole situation is unbelievably creepy. I don’t really understand why a D1 athlete whose team just competed in a National Championship is having trouble finding a girlfriend. Now it seems like all the other unstable gentlemen out there are going to be inspired by articles like these and try to out-do Te’o’s attempts at social climbing by creating untraceable, fake women on the internet.

Guys, I know dating can be hard, and pretty expensive on your end, but I think it would be more rewarding for both parties involved if you put the effort into meeting and schmoozing a real, live, breathing woman that can actually attest to the fact that she is real and has agreed to be associated with you.

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    2. Anna says:

      omg, guys, what is wrong with you :p just go outside and talk with girls. When and where ?? Everywhere and all the time!

    3. anon says:

      "…pretty expensive on your end" wow. Way to be casually sexist.

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