How To Survive Valentine’s Day When You’re Solo

There’s always that stereotype that Valentine’s Day is a single person’s worst nightmare. But for most singles, it’s really not. It’s just another day where you can shamelessly flirt with your Starbucks barista. But for some, its a total nightmare: pink heart balloons, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, PDA on every corner of the street, and your mom/dad telling telling you “You’ll always be my valentine sweetie!”.

Before you pull out your favorite Snuggie and tub of Ben & Jerry’s, we have a little something for you. For those who feel a little blue on Valentine’s Day, Your Tango’s got your back with a little survival guide.

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    1. Shanthi says:

      The point is people need to remember that there is more than one kind of love- romantic love isn't the only type of love in the world! Use it as a day to show your friends or family how much you love them!

    2. prinzecharming says:

      Great article! Thanks for sharing! Shanthi, this should never be a day of obligation, but a day of strength and determination to rekindle deteriorating relationships. Guys, don't blow your paycheck on one day! Treat her somewhere nice every other month. Show you appreciate her, and make her feel loved.

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