ReadyU Wants to Treat You to A Valentine’s Day Dinner! [Giveaway]

In theory, Valentine’s Day in college should be a fabulous holiday. Whether you’re attached or single, there’s no reason to spend the night sad and alone (unless you want to). But a candlelit dinner with your BF/GF or a night on the town with your BFF can get pretty pricey — am I the only one who finds herself more often than not staging a “romantic night in”? Cooking spaghetti in a microwave and renting a Ryan Gosling movie might be fine any other night of the year, but Valentine’s Day calls for a certain amount of pomp…which I can’t always afford.

The bottom line is that a proper Valentine’s Day celebration is hard to pull off on a student budget. Luckily for you, ReadyU, the ultimate resource for college students, understands that sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a nice dinner — and they want to treat you to a dinner for two to celebrate the most romantic day of the year! ReadyU says save the ramen and TV dinners for February 15th, and put on something nice…you’re overdue for a meal that isn’t served from a Styrofoam cup or cardboard box.

To enter, tell us who you’d invite as your dream Valentine’s Day dinner date! You could win dinner courtesy of ReadyU, plus a ReadyU prize pack full of lifestyle and grooming accessories to get you ready for your fun night out.


*NOTE: Dinner amount will be dictated by the winner’s regional location and cost of service in relation to value of prize pack.



    1. Tiffani says:

      For my dream Valentine's Day dinner date it would be James Franco because he is gorgeous, funny, smart, and eccentric. I would like to pick his brain about books and movies.

    2. Kali says:

      My dream valentines dinner date would definitely be my dad. I haven't spent valentines day with him since he died ten years ago, but if he was alive he would definitely be my date even though i have a boyfriend. Who wouldn't love spending valentines day with the most important man in your life.

    3. Kimberly says:

      My dream Valentine’s Day dinner date would probably be my boyfriend, he’s the best I could ask for anyway:) Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    4. Bianca says:

      OBVIOUSLY Ryan Gosling. The thought of staring into those gorgeous eyes of his… *sigh* So attractive.

    5. alyssanikolejohnson says:

      Tough call, as much as I want my answer to be Channing Tatum, just so I can become lost in his eyes for a night. But, ultimately I am dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend, so I would pick someone less attractive. My "date" would have to be with David Bailey. He is often thought of as the greatest living photographer. I am aspiring as a photojournalist, and I would love to pick the brain of the best.

      I think my boyfriend would be able to give me the night off for him.

    6. MJ says:

      My dream Valentine's dinner date would have to be Jennifer Lawrence. It probably wouldn't be the most romantic Valentine's night, but she seems so fun and cool – I'd love to get a chance to hang out with her! After all, who says Valentines has to be with your significant other? In the past, I've found out that having Valentines dates with friends can be just as fun and create lasting memories!

    7. SuzanSmithe22 says:

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    8. Kaylin says:

      My dream Valentine's Day date would be…possibly Gerard Butler. I just think he is so wonderfully fine. Ha! But honestly, I'd be ecstatic just to win an amazing date to be with my boyfriend of a little of 2 years now. He's quite the catch.:)

    9. Meaghan says:

      Channing Tatum. No questions asked. Hey, hook a girl up? lol

    10. Emily says:

      I would definitely take my boyfriend. He just enlisted in the Israeli army for three years, and while I couldn't be more proud he's risking his life for the country he loves, I miss him like mad.

    11. Wehaf says:

      I can't imagine anyone better than my boyfriend, but I also have a girl-crush on Anne Hathaway and I'd love to spend a snarky V-Day with her.

    12. Jackeline says:

      My hubby would be my dream date!

    13. Kerry says:

      I'd have to go for my amazing, lovely, fantastic boyfriend-who unfortunately lives in Australia.😦 We've been talking for the last (almost two years!), and have been together for the past three months. Happily, we ARE going to be able to be together for this Valentine's day, as he is coming to see me in the US, to be able to celebrate our first Valentine's day together.:) (As a side note, it'll also be our first ones not being single for once, lol.)

      BUTTT. If for some reason he had to bow out, I'd take a date with either Liam or Chris Hemsworth. I know they're both taken, and very happily, but I just think it'd be pretty freaking amazing to get to spend time with them and to just have dinner and a lovely conversation. It sounds like it'd be fun! Lord knows the boyfriend has certainly heard me gush about his fellow Aussies enough!😉

    14. TheMintyMaiden says:

      Bruno mars! His hair defies the laws of physics and I like it.

    15. pickyrunner says:

      My dream date would be a night out with my girlfriends. We don't do it often enough and I always look for an excuse for a night on the town with them! Although any celeb would be pretty nice too….

    16. jkootbc says:

      Kate Upton covered in chocolate.

    17. foodsweatandbeers says:

      Jason Segel. A tall glass of water, the funniest actor I can think of, and can sing dramatic songs about vampires. Yes, please!

    18. Eunice says:

      My dream date would be my favorite guy friend, he's helped me out through a lot and has supported me. He's funny and smart and I'm glad that we're friends.

    19. […] We weren’t joking when we told you ReadyU wants to treat you to Valentine’s Day dinner with a guest!* Stop looking at heart shaped pancakes on Pinterest and enter to win the best prize of all — a delicious meal that doesn’t require you to clean dishes afterwards with that special someone. ReadyU realizes that not all students can splurge on a memorable Valentine’s Day dinner, so they’re picking up the tab (shhh…just don’t tell your date). To enter, tell us who you’d invite as your dream Valentine’s Day dinner date! You could win dinner courtesy of ReadyU, plus a ReadyU prize pack full of lifestyle and grooming accessories to get you ready for your fun night out. ENTER HERE! […]

    20. Noelle W says:

      I'd invite my boyfriend since he is my dream date:) we met in preschool and found each other on facebook 2.5 years ago and have been in love ever since!

    21. Leah says:

      Honey Boo Boo because sketti is awesome. Actually I'd take my boyfriend of course- I can understand him!

    22. Pawel says:

      My dream date would be with my girlfriend, of course. Any time spent with her, no matter how short, is time well spent!

    23. Daniella says:

      the sexy professor I currently have a crush on😉

    24. Jenn says:

      My dream date would be my boyfriend of course! We've known each other for 4 years and have been going out for 9 months. It's going to be our first Valentine's Day together this year so I want to make it memorable. His birthday is also Feb 13th so it's even more important to me.:) thank you readyu!

    25. Heike says:

      Dream dinner date? Joseph Gordon Levitt:)

    26. @JackieCyz says:

      my dream date would be zac efron, something about him always makes me smile.

    27. Lesly C says:

      My dream date is my hubby. He makes me smile and feel like a million buck

    28. Amanda says:

      My fiance and I are not only in college but trying to save money for our wedding this summer so we would absolutely love to have dinner together on Valentine's Day.

    29. trisha scott says:

      hmm… I have a few on my list, lol but I think anderson cooper would be alot of fun, lol

    30. Carina says:

      My date would be my boyfriend! Our first valentines day together!

    31. Rachael says:

      My dream date would be with Robert Downey Jr. But, I'd settle for R-Gos too.

    32. Evelyn B says:

      Move over Beyonce – Cause my dream dinner date would be Jay-Z lol!

    33. Madeline says:

      My dream date would be my hubby of course!

    34. MinnesotaFromScratch says:

      I'd invite my husband first… but if for some reason he couldn't make it, I guess I could settle for Ryan Gossling.

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