10 YouTubers Guaranteed to Go Viral in 2013

I’ll admit it; I’m a YouTube addict. It has everything – from makeup tutorials to cats being adorable. It’s completely personal. You can choose whatever you want to watch; just a quick search and you’ll either find exactly what you were hoping for or the strangest thing you have ever seen. It’s amazing. Totally bizarre, but amazing.

While there’s a small set of real power-holders in the YouTube world (think Jenna Marbles, the Shaytards, Ray William Johnson), the site is full of people who are so dedicated to uploading great material despite not having the biggest number of viewers. I’m sure their stuff won’t go unnoticed for too much longer, and I definitely predict 2013 to be the year of these 10 YouTube stars…

[Image via play.google]



    1. fingers crossed I hope to have a few videos go viral!! http://youtu.be/BHYgbxbDUWM

    2. Britney says:

      Carrie is already pretty well-known

    3. tkastaneer says:

      I love quirky people I tend to collect them in my life and most of these people definitely pack that quirky little umph that makes them endearing I hope they make it huge one day

    4. Big Monster says:

      Want to meet a young black woman that love good se .

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