Don’t Let Body Insecurity Destroy Your Sex Life

Is it possible that men can tell when we’re insecure naked? Are they mind readers (hope not)? How can they tell when we’re nervous about our bodies?According to dating and relationship coach David Wygant, girls with body image issues (aka ALL OF US) are destroying all the intimate moments in our lives because partners can sense the distress and anxieties over certain areas or aspects of our bodies, which in turn makes them feel as if they’re doing something wrong. Although this seems like a really elementary principle, Wygant spells out the problem really nicely for women: we simply need to start loving our bodies.

We can all go to the gym and work on our problem areas, which Wygant says is great, but he also states that it is important to have confidence in yourself all the time because it is what attracts people to you as a person, and that amplifies your beauty. I think this is a message that a lot of young women should not only be hearing, but actually listening to. No one’s body is perfect, not all of us can appear to be airbrushed and manicured to perfection like the women in print publications, so embrace your natural beauty!

As Wygant says, “After all, if he’s gotten that far with you, he’s attracted to you.”

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    1. Men have also responsibility to increase women's self confidence. You got to praise her a lot.

      1. Patty says:

        Exactly, thank you! It's not just a woman's job or responsibility. The reason why so many girls have self-esteem issues nowadays is because guys drool over chicks like Kate Upton and others. That is the image of perfection we're being taught to worship and try to achieve. I wrote something about her new commercial and the responses I got was that it doesn't really matter, that it's all personality and confidence, but who are we kidding?? They talked about Adele. If she's so hot, why wasn't she the chosen one for that commercial? Are the PR people at Mercedes-Benz dumb or maybe there's actually a reason why it's Kate U there and not Adele or Lena Dunham?

      2. Jasper says:

        Well most of the girls you think guys worship are physically fit to some varying degree. Fitness is hot, if you are not decently fit you're probably not as hot as you could be. Same goes for guys, not every guy is a (insert hot male actor of your choice). They feel the same crestfallen way you do, however we are less likely to admit to it as we have all built some sort of grand, glorious, and delusional facade of what we are inside our minds.

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