Is Kate Upton’s New Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Too Racy? [Video]

The commercial displays block letters: Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes CLA in Slow Motion. The first thing that comes to my mind is “Ooooh! Kate Upton!” In my mind, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model dances around in my head in a skimpy white bikini. I look up at the title again and realize it’s actually a Mercedes-Benz Commercial that’s set to air during the Super Bowl.

I hit play and a minute and a half later, I think “Geez, that was kind of boring”. I’m surprised by my feelings because I’m a huge Kate Upton fan, and that commercial just didn’t do her justice. But, not everyone agrees with me. The Parent’s Television Council definitely got a different reaction than I did. “This ad (reinforces) for millions of wives, daughters and sisters across the country that you use your sex appeal to get what you want,” a spokesman for the Parents Television Council told the Daily Mail. “If anything, this ad proves that we’ve regressed rather than progressed over the last several years,” they went on.

Other critics think that the commercial is too racy. It’s not like Kate Upton was washing the car Jessica Simpson style. The girl wasn’t even wearing a bikini! She’s decked out in a non-midriff baring tank top and jean shorts. Maybe it’s the fact that she blew some car wash soap off her hand. Big deal. Kate Upton doesn’t even touch, let alone wash, the car! A bunch of mesmerized footballers do. If critics think this ad is racy, they obviously don’t pay attention to their surroundings. There are half naked men and women plastered all over billboards around town. And there’s also those lovely Victoria’s Secret commercials (hello, Candice!) If anything, hot women in lingerie is steamier than a model watching her car being washed. If you really want to see a steamy Kate Upton commercial, check out her Carl’s Jr one.
What do you think? Is the new Kate Upton ad too racy?

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    1. Patty says:

      It is too racy, but of course people are gonna call me jealous and criticize the PTC, talking about how we're just a bunch of ugly females who wish we were Kate Upton… It just frustrates me that a woman's worth is still all about her looks.It hurts and it causes self-esteem issues, so this is not just an innocent little commercial! I'm tired of being an extremely intelligent girl with a great heart and in the end losing to chicks like this one just because they are blonde, have huge boobs. I study Chemical Engineering, yet she's probably making more money than I'll ever make. I'm pretty and I have a good heart, but of course all the men adore HER, they can't take their eyes off of her. So yeah, basically this just tells me and every other female ''Go dye your blonde and get some boob job or some really nice push bras, that's how you'll make it in life!''.

    2. Paige says:

      I'm a girl and I'm not offended by this commercial. How do you think guys feel about David Beckham in his underwear on a giant billboard. I'm sure they feel self-conscious too. But it's all a fantasy. In reality, guys don't expect girls to look like Kate Upton and girls don't expect guys to look like David Beckham.

    3. Kay says:

      idk, she wasn't washing the car first off so that was misleading, but i didn't think it was offensive at all. So she's pretty? ok, but beauty is about confidence and how you carry yourself. She's gorgeous more for that reason than anything else.

    4. Komal says:

      I actually think that they subvert the whole female exploitation thing by making you think Kate Upton is washing the car herself (ala Jessica Simpson and her Daisy Dukes) while she's actually the one who's getting her car washed. She's in the position of power here and that's more motivational than anything else. And the thing is, her power doesn't come from how she looks but from how she walks, how she acts, that twinkle in her eye. Basically, from her confidence. The fact that she wasn't wearing anything out of the ordinary (in fact, that's an outfit I would wear!) made me feel like I was her or could be if I had that confidence. Nothing in that commercial made me think that I should try to be blonde-haired/big-boobed. Mostly I thought 'look how stupid those boys are and how clever she is'. Why can't women use their confidence to get ahead? Men freaking do it all the time. That's what they call charm. But when women do the same, it's dirty. To illustrate my thoughts further let me posit a scenario: Had Kate Upton filmed that commercial with her eyes downcast, not making eye-contact with those boys, and hiding what she has, do you think people would be in as much of an uproar? I'm willing to bet: no. I truly think you could achieve a similar effect in this commercial with someone who is not conventionally attractive (Mindy Kaling, Adele). And let's not forget that Kate herself is actually 'fat' in model terms. So basically, a confident woman = a sexy woman, and it also means a woman that society is afraid of.

      1. danielletee says:

        I agree! confidence = a sexy woman!

    5. Kate U says:

      No what they are saying is that men are objectifying her as a sexual object to lust over that they can possess as that. It's as simple as that. In our female minds it doesnt hit us subconsciously like to males it would. Thats why its boring to us but to men they can fantasize about their sexual object which is as comparable to owning a car.

    6. cant wait to see the ads during this superbowl!

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