Obama Urged to Resign Over Beyoncé Lip-Snycing Scandal [WTF Friday]

Contrary to popular belief, I feel like there are actually very few moments in life that properly deserve the title of WTF (yes, I have high standards), and when I do come upon a story or moment that deserves this award, it’s because I’m truly left speechless. Well, it seems like today was my lucky day! A group of Republicans want President Obama to RESIGN because Beyoncé lip-synced. RESIGN. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around that right now.

You see, I don’t identify with any political party because no political party is perfect! That being said, even if I called myself a Republican, how could I justify this to myself? I wonder what the rest of the Republican Party has to say about these comments. I kid you not, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that, “By lip-synching the national anthem, Beyoncé has cast a dark cloud over the President’s second term,” and the only way to remove that “cloud” is by resigning. What “dark cloud?!?!?!” (I bet the Senator’s favorite class in school was English Literature, and he probably liked coming up with weird metaphors and allergories).

I don’t understand how President Obama is responsible for Beyoncé! The Senator went on to say that Beyoncé lip-synced under President Obama’s watch. Ummm, yeah, it’s Inauguration Day and the biggest thing President Obama has to worry about is whether Beyoncé is lip-syncing or not, right? I guess he should also worry about what napkins are going to be set out at dinner and whether the salad fork is on the left or right of the plate!

Okay, I completely understand being mad at Beyoncé. In fact, I am a little disappointed in her myself because I would rather someone be natural and mess-up a little singing live than lip-sync and give off the impression you were singing live, but guess what? I am pretty sure President Obama didn’t tell her to do that and probably had no idea just like the rest of us. Probably one of my favorite lines of this article was that just because the White House didn’t comment, Senator Paul says that shows the President has something to hide. I guess hiding the fact that Beyoncé lip-synced is at the top of the priority list for the President, right? I wonder what else the President is hiding? Maybe he broke some White House china and is hiding that too…woah scandal.

In conclusion, Senator Paul is making a fool of himself. If you really want to throw mud at someone, can you come up with some better scandals and issues that people might actually be outraged about? Please and thank you.



    1. hannahflom says:

      That New Yorker article was satire. Republicans are not urging Obama to resign over that. The article was 100% satirical.

    2. jennifer472 says:

      Are you serious?!?! The New Yorker was making a JOKE. Rand Paul didn't actually say those things. The article is SATIRE.

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    4. Grace says:

      Wasn't this an article from the Borowitz report?! He writes SATIRICAL articles, it's like a high-brow verson of The Onion… someone needs to work on their critical reading skills!!

      1. Shanthi says:

        I realize this was a satirical piece, and I am sorry if my sarcastic tone did not shine through for you. That being said, I always enjoy reading other people's comments whether I agree with them or not. However, there is no need for SNIDE remarks to make a point because comments aimed at insulting another person only show that the commentator themselves is a rude mannerless person who is trying to show that they are somehow better. Maybe someone needs to work on their manners!!

    5. hCG says:

      lol! Luckily he wasn't lip sync too..

    6. globalmed says:

      He should also worry about what napkins are going to be set out at dinner and whether the salad fork is on the left or right of the plate!

    7. Marquitta J says:

      LOL!! I loved your humor in this article!:)

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